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Dear Ones,

As we welcome the first signs of Spring here in Wales…buds are on the trees, daffodil bulbs are springing up green stalks all over the place, I ponder what insights the quiet winter months have brought and how I will carry them across this Spring Passageway.

In the Shop


Changing Woman Moontime Story & Colouring book
I am blessed to personally know the 2 sisters (twins!) who created this beautiful book. Hannah is a talented artist and Emma (who I co-run our Girls Lodge with) is a fantastic storyteller who has specially written stories for girls coming into womanhood. This book is more than a colouring book, it is a journey out of the head and into the heart and the secret wherein lies the mysteries of life and in women the truth of our connection to nature through our beautiful earthly bodies.
Artwork by Hannah Gwawr, Medicine Stories by Angharad Emma
to see sample pages go to

Changing Woman Mandala

Created by Hannah Gwawr, The Changing Woman Mandala is a visual journey to deepen your understanding of the menstrual cycle and blood mysteries. For more images see This beautifully illustrated chart is a visual journey to assist with the remembering of and re-connection to the ancient mysteries and wisdom of the divine feminine and the Moonlodge. Turning the different wheels you see beautiful, inspiring words and images. This Mandala reveals the journey of us as Changing Woman and our connection through our wombs to the Earth, All beings and Grandmother Moon. Once we realise the magic of our cycle and womb wisdom we can better manage our emotions and rhythms, thus calling upon the teachings of womanhood to empower our lives.


Birth your own Shamanic Drum…Spend a day in the beautiful and magical surroundings of Temple Druid, Pembrokeshire, creating and birthing a drum, tuning in with the natural materials, giving thanks and prayers as you use your hands, putting your love, energy and intent into this medicine tool to create a truly special drum for yourself! last chance to book on the Full Moon Feb workshop, email Rachael FFI

Thirteen Moons Year Long Journey….Still spaces left on this journey of self exploration, ceremony, drum making, ritual tattooing and sacred crafting….. if this calls to you, check out Rachael’s website.

Scar Sister Day in Bristol  Workshop with your Sacred Tattoo, Drum, Ritual and Ceremony.

With tattooist Suzi Edwards (Earth Pathways Diary artist and sacred tattooist)  Rachael Hertogs.

£90 per woman, BRISTOL 23rd April 2017. To book, contact Rachael on

Much love and Imbolc Blessings to you,

Rachael xxx

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