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Dearest Sistars,

Happy New Year! Hope you had a lovely festive break and are entering the new year with resolutions of self care, sustainability and sisterhood!

This week, I’m excited to share our winter sale, some tools for cycle charting (whether you’re a words person or prefer to learn visually) and a call on the blog to protect and fight for Mother Earth in this new year.

In The Shop

WINTER SALE! We’ve got loads of treats at reduced prices over in the shop this week – why not grab yourself a bargain!


Know your flow! We’ve got all the tools you need to chart your cycle – whether you’re just starting out or have been charting for years and want some fresh inspiration.

Moon Times Cycle Charting Journal


This is a full set with everything you need to get in touch with your cycle this year – a 400 page journal with details of how/why to chart, moon mala beads (a beautiful handmade bracelet that helps you track through the month) and a moon calendar to link your cycle to Grandmother Moon. Go on, treat yourself!

Changing Woman Mooncycle Mandala

2016-02-19 13.51.50

For the visual learners amongst us, this beautiful chart helps to deepen your understanding of your cyclical nature, weaving together moon phases, seasons and feminine archetypes to build a rich, layered story. Shop now

2017 Moon Calendarmoon-cycle-calendar


This stunning calendar shows the exact shape of the moon as she travels through her monthly cycle, helping you to connect with nature and your own cycle. Get yours now!

On The Blog

Enchantress Speaks…



Starting April 2017  – Thirteen Moons Journey

Well Dressing

Join me and a circle of women over 13 moons, exploring the sacred feminine through ritual, connection, ceremony … and cake of course! Bookings must be made by the end of January.

Sunday 23rd April – Scar Sister Day, Bristol


A day of transformation! Ritual tattooing and ceremony with Rachael Hertogs and Suzi Edwards. Find out more here.


Rachael xxx

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