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Hello again Moon gazers! Well, it’s official. We’re 18 days into 2017! How has it been for you? Have you stuck to your resolutions? (Did you even make any?)

For those of you who vowed to ditch the disposables and switch to reusable menstrual alternatives, we’ve got some ideas and inspiration for you this week.

Find out more about alternatives to tampons with our menstrual sponges and cups and check out the 2016 Products of the Year to get an idea of the massive range of eco-friendly options we offer!

In The Shop

This week I want to share two of our most popular alternatives to tampons – menstrual sponges and cups. For those of you who don’t get on with pads, there are still healthy, reliable, eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternatives – why not try them out?

Jam Sponges

Our #1 bestseller from 2016 – The Jam Sponge! Not for the faint-hearted – it’s a menstrual sponge with attitude! You get 2 sponges in a little storage bag, with full simple instructions and even an exclusive Jam Sponge badge so you can share about these beauties with pride!

Menstrual Cups – The Ruby Cup

An award winning cup that is good for you, Mother Earth and other women, through the company’s powerful ‘buy one, give one’ campaign. For each cup you purchase, one is distributed to an underprivileged girl in Kenya – it’s a win-win! Buy here.

We also offer two other styles of menstrual cup – the Moon Cup and Diva Cup and if you want to know more- check out an old blog post of ours dedicated to cups!

On The Blog

2016 Moon Times Top 10 Best Sellers!

The results are in and this week we’re sharing which of our products are most popular over on the blog. A great way to see the range of products and gifts we offer – we’re not just about cloth pads!



Saturday 11th February – Full Moon Women’s Shamanic Drum Making Workshop
Spend a day in the beautiful wilds of Pembrokeshire birthing your very own spirit drum from natural materials. Learn more about what this powerful medicine tool can bring to your spiritual practice and leave with a unique handmade instrument. Places are limited and bookings must be made by Feb 1st. Cost: £150-170

Starting April 2017 Thirteen Moons Journey
Over thirteen moons, we will meet in circle to learn, share and connect to the womens’ mysteries, to each other, to ourselves. Learn new spiritual tools or deepen your current understanding through ceremony, chanting, crafting, meditation – and cake (and much, much more)! Book by the end of January to secure your place.

Sunday 23rd April – Scar Sister Day, Bristol
Rachael Hertogs and sacred tattoo artist Suzi Edwards host a day of transformative ceremony and ritual inking. Receive a tattoo with the design of your choice (Suzi can help if you need some inspiration or artwork), given in ritual and ceremony. Cost: £90. Book Now.


Rachael xxx

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