2016 Moon Times Top 10 Best Sellers!

Rachael CrowMenstrual Health, Musings, products

Here’s the Moon Times best sellers for 2016…

  1. Jam Sponges are on the number one spot…you either love ’em or you hate ’em! The marmite of menstrual sponges!
  2. Cloth Pads! Cloth pads are still high up there at the no.2 spot 🙂
  3. Panty Liners coming in next, lots of women are realizing the benefits of using panty liners for those days at the start and end of our moontime and even for those few “sticky” days in the middle of your cycle!!
  4. Moon Sponges… surprisingly Moon Sponges aren’t as popular at their sister product the Jam Sponge- after all they are the same products- just different packaging!  But They still come in the top 5 🙂
  5. Love Zimbabwe Pads! Yes!!…this is a wonderful project creating a basic but very absorbent pads and giving an income to women in Zimbabwe.
  6. Womanrunes….Women LOVE these runes so much- I use mine everyday!
  7. Moon Charts are next- these do peak in sales around Christmas but they also sell all year round for women who want to chart their cycle with the moon. And don’t forget you get one when you buy our Cycle Charting Journal!
  8. Our Starter Set comes in next…lots of first time buyers like to try the starter set first, with a panty liner and 2 pads plus a selection of inserts it’s a perfect first step to testing out mama cloth!
  9. Earth Pathways Diaries come in next…sales peak in November but are also high in July when the diaries for next year hit the shop!
  10. Wool pads….still popular, although stocks are running low! The cosy, soft alternative to cloth.

What was your favourite Moon Times product this year?