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I’m lucky to have a few wonderful neighbours who are happy to chat all things “Moon Time” with me….often this is all we talk about!!

A common topic is how, as mothers, we can get some “me time” around our moon time…. we came up with a few ideas…

Create a “red box”…. this box would hold things to entertain the kids…a dvd they haven’t seen, new colouring/activity books, craft kits (that don’t need adult help), a new story book… but then we got thinking…really the box needs to contain a clone mummy!! well, we can wish!


On a school day- give yourself permission to just stay in bed ALL DAY!! Dump the guilt, forget the dirty dishes….take a RED BED DAY….read, listen to the radio, podcasts, your fav moon time tracks, journal, sketch, meditate, journey, drum, give yourself reiki….but just STAY IN BED!



If you’ve got a partner/house mates, ask them to take over the chores, to cook your favourite meal…


Maybe give you a foot rub…


Ask for what you need…even if it’s just to be alone!


And friends….if your popping round…bring raw chocolate!!


make me a cuppa


cup of herbal tea

and then leave me alone….just come by and play with the kids!



cos, really, all we want to do is….


  • please note…all of the above applies to new mamas, breastfeeding mamas, those who are menstruating, in menopause, girls coming up to their moon time…well…all of us really…all of the time!! The bottom line is…always offer to help!!



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