Menarche “Catch Up” Ceremony for Women

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What’s a “catch up” ceremony? In Gail Burkett’s Gifts From The Elders and Nine Passages books she speaks about the importance of women holding young girls, creating girls groups and circles, celebrating rites of passages with girls…

But how do we women, who have never been honoured and celebrated, hold girls in this way? How do we move through our resentments and anger that we weren’t honoured, we weren’t celebrated, no one cared about us??

Gail says women holding girls in this way need to be INITIATED WOMEN…Women who have worked through their stuff, women who have done ‘catch up’ ceremonies for themselves, women who have gathered their elders, their peers and honoured each other in circle.

Feedback from women who have been held in ceremony- healing and release of painful memories and emotions, easing of menstrual symptoms, a new awareness of yourself and your cycle, greater connection to the earth…. everyone should do this!


Do you want to be witnessed and celebrated? Then join me and a small circle of women to revisit your mid girl and menarche thresholds, gently holding, listening and creating space for healing we will witness each other in sacred space.


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Together we with re-write your “her story” by creating a ceremony/ritual and honouring your first menstruation in the way you may have liked it to have been honoured as a young woman. This rite of passage is often not celebrated, the majority of us were not welcomed as women.

“How a girl crosses the menarche can cast a long shadow over her menstruating years. It can affect her experience of menstruation each month and how her life journey might play out. Approaching it as a truly special, even sacred moment can ensure that this ‘long shadow’ is beneficent and empowering.” – Alexandra Pope, The Women’s Quest.

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At menarche a woman enters her power
Through menstruation she practices her power
At menopause she becomes her power
~ Native American proverb ~

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