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Dearest Sisters,

It’s half term and I’m balancing being a mama, crafting, writing, packing up orders and preparing for my Thirteen Moons Samhain vigil this weekend…luckily I’m in my ‘Summer phase’ in my cycle…so it’s all possible! I’m so looking forward to circling with my group; connecting with the ancestors and silent time on the land! Our Red Tent group are having a Drumming in the Ancestors evening a couple of days later…feeling very blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.samhain

In The Shop

New Patterns from the Love Zimbabwe Project!

Blue pink and white cloth pads

Our project with a group of women in Zimbabwe continues, providing a reliable, fair-trade income for the women as well as reusable pads for women and girls out here! We’ve got new patterns in stock so why not treat yourself and show your support! Shop here.

Find your dream drum in our Etsy shop!

If you’ve been eyeing up my shamanic drum workshops but aren’t able to make it to Pembrokeshire to craft your own, you’ll be glad to know I’ve got some stunning, one of a kind pre-made drums over in the Etsy shop. Each is handmade from natural materials and looking for its forever home!

Horse Hide 16" Drum

Horse Hide 16″ Drum

On The Blog

Drumming – what’s it all about?

rachael beating a shamanic drum

This week I’ve shared a new video about my relationship with my handmade drums – find out what  I use them for, how women have used drums over the years and how a drum can lead you to your tribe, connect you to other women and help you find your rhythm in life…

Also on the blog … a call for support for the Love Zimbabwe Mothers project – can you help? Find out here.


Saturday 11th February Women’s Full Moon Drum Workshop

Join me on our next shamanic drum birthing day to find your own rhythm and make a medicine tool to use in ceremony and everyday magic. Make a drum from scratch from natural materials and connect to our ancestors through this ancient craft.

Starting April 2017 Thirteen Moons Journey

Rite of passage cermonies, chanting, journalling, shamanic drum birthing, crafting, menstrual and womens wisdom, sacred scars, meeting and melding with nature, connecting with our ancestors, sharing our stories and writing new ones. Curious? Find out more here.

Have a wonderful Samhain weekend, Blessings,

Rachael xxx