Books, sale, workshops and launching our new Lodge website!

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Dearest Sisters,

Hello! Thanks for inviting me into your inbox again this month. We’ve got loads of exciting offerings for you – all part of our grand plan to help all women celebrate their bodies, LOVE their Moon Time and cherish themselves!

Our Summer Sale continues over in the shop with pads, charting tools and other treats to help you cherish your Moon Time.

I’m really excited about a new book we have in the shop (read all about below) and we’ve got a final few spaces on our upcoming workshops…..Our Journey into Womanhood camp is happening at the end of the month, I’m thrilled that it’s full! Keep an eye out for next years dates!

The mother and daughter lodge I’m part of is thriving and we’ve decided to launch our website (and w’re working on a book about it!) and we will be offering workshops soon, so check it out if you’re interested in setting up a similar lodge in your village.

Here we go…

In The Shop

Our Summer SALE continues with some beautiful cloth panty liner sets on offer. They are made from super soft flannelette and are perfect for the days of lighter bleeding at either end of your cycle.

Lilac and Bunny Panty Liner Setlilac & rabbits PL

We also have a full set of 2 panty liners and 5 pads on SALE – all you need to get started with cloth set

NEW!! Moon Dreams 2017 Diary


Available now for pre-order, this is a stunning combination of diary and journal, making it easy to chart your cycle and integrate it into the rest of your life. With lovely illustrations and simple charting guidelines, this would make a great gift for someone new to charting. More details and how to order here.

On The Blog


I’m so thrilled to be able to offer the newly released Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Ceremonies and Stories of Transformation by Gail Burkett in the Moon Times shop! Gail has been an inspiration across my work for many years and this new book is full of ways for women to explore their true selves, alone and in community.

Events and WorkshopsScreen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.01.17


  • Saturday 17th September Shamanic Drum Making workshop – come and birth your own spirit drum using beautiful natural hides from the United Kingdom. Open to beginners and experienced crafters of all ages *ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT*
  • Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November – Shamanic Drum Making workshops near Belfast, Ireland  *ONLY A FEW SPACES LEFT*


Love and light!

Rachael xxx

P.S. Thirteen moons 2017…bookings open!