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Dearest Sisters,

Well summer has finally arrived here thank goddess and we’re enjoying loooong hot days outside.

Our summer SALE continues with loads of bargains to be had – find out more below. There’s also a blog post on sharing womens’ wisdom with the girls in our lives (link further down!) and info about upcoming workshops. So grab a cuppa and put your feet up for a good read!

In The Shop

**PLEASE NOTE** Moon Times will be CLOSED between 25th July and 6th August while Rachael holds the Moon Lodge at Dance Camp Wales… get your orders in now if you have your eye on anything!

Over in our SUMMER SALE:


Moon Cycle Charts following the waxing and waning phases throughout the year to help you plot your own cycles and how they interact with Grandmother Moon. These charts have beautiful illustrations and are also packed with info about seasonal festivals.

2016-02-19 13.52.29

The stunning  Changing Women Mandala is a great visual way to deepen your understanding of the many cycles in our lives and how they work together. Turning the dial, you’ll find beautiful painted pictures of the archetypes of the divine/feminine energies alongside inspiring words of womens’ wisdom.

diva cup

If pads and sponges aren’t your thing, the Diva Cup might be a great option. Simple to use and completely reuseable, they can save you a fortune compared to disposables and are reduced to £22 in our sale!

On The Blog

moon maidens

This week I’ve shared an article originally written for Juno magazine, ‘Womens Wisdom for Girls’ – in it I explore the many ways we can prepare our daughters to embrace their cyclical nature at menarche and beyond.

It covers first bleeding ceremonies, my recommended menstrual products for young women, and how you can’t pass on womens’ wisdom until you learn it for yourself.

I also share the practices I follow with my own daughters to help them connect with the moon, nature, other women and themselves. Read more here…

Events and Workshops

upcoming-workshops rachael hertogs

  • Our next shamanic drum making workshop is on Saturday 17th September and bookings must be in by 1st August.
  • Women in Ireland….Rachael will be over in November running some Drum Making Workshops….only 2 places left on the Saturday!
  • Saturday 26th November is Scar Sister day – drumming, ritual and sacred tattooing by Suzi Edwards….only a couple of spaces left!

See you in a few weeks!

Rachael xxx