Book Review….Love Your Lady Landscape

Rachael CrowBook Reviews, Menstrual Health

Oh my goddess, Love Your Lady Landscape is fabulous! I have fallen in love with Lisa Lister, she writes about such important issues with humour and forthrightness.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 22.02.45I love that she has created her own SHE Flow yoga- no going into asanas you don’t feel like when your bleeding or having an ‘off’ day…its all about doing what makes you feel good..and not “shitty”.

What touched me the most is her brutal honesty about her journey to reconnecting with her body and the divine- that Lisa terms SHE in her life.

And I just love it…because she embraces everything that I embrace and want to pass on to women- take back your power, tune in to your cycle and LOVE Your Lady Landscape!!

It’s just brilliant and I think it’s a must read for all women! (and Moon Times are listed as “bloody brilliant eco friendly menstrual products!”)