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Sunshine greetings from Wales!

moontimesHQIt’s such a pleasure to have the sun out after the strange April weather! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside- my husband and I have been cladding my workshop…it looks like a little log cabin now! While I was restocking it, I realised how much Moon Times has grown over the years and to be honest, it’s begun to feel a bit too big! So i have decided that this year I will slowly re-focus on my best sellers and let go of the peripheral things. So sadly the first things to go are the Womb Wraps, Womb Steams and the Clarity Vibration Essences…all of which you can buy direct from the lovely women who make them and Emma at Woman Soul has offered 25% off to my customers- so use the code MOONTIMES on her site to grab this amazing discount!

On the blog

tampon alternatives

Let’s talk tampons! Although personally I’m a cloth pads kinda gal (I can’t resist the pretty patterns and super soft fabrics!), I often get questions from women who love the ease and convenience of tampons but want to ditch the chemicals. Tampons can contain plastics, synthetic materials and other nasties so it’s no wonder many of us are looking for alternatives – for our bodies and for the planet. Over on the blog, I’ve covered all the tampon alternatives available at Moon Times.

In the shop

Moon Times Moon SpongesAs we’re talking tampon alternatives this week, I thought I’d highlight the different menstrual sponges we have in the shop. Some women use sponges as their main menstrual product but they are also great for:

  • pad users who need an option for swimming or sports
  • girls who want to try an internal product – they’re soft and really easy to insert

We offer a moon sponge trial pack  for only £6.50 so why not try something new on your next bleed!



We’ve got a few spaces left on the Journey into Womanhood- Mother and Daughter Camp coming up on 26th – 29th August . A magical weekend on the land, away from ‘normal’ life, sharing women’s wisdom with our daughters – will you join us?

I’ve been asked to put on some Childrens Drum Making workshops…so I’m running 2- one for boys (12th June) and one for girls (16th July), book asap to grab a place! (Grown Ups can make a drum too!)

Please book by 1st August for our next shamanic drum making workshop on Saturday 17th September. Learn how to make your own drum from natural materials – don’t worry, it’s suitable for the ‘un-crafty’ too!

Saturday 26th November is Scar Sister day – drumming, ritual and sacred tattooing by Suzi Edwards of Earth Pathways fame. Book your place by June 30th to get the early bird price of £90. Warning – this ceremony might transform you!


Rachael xxx