Welcome to the Purple Tent

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Welcome to the PURPLE TENT:
a new, visionary space,
birthed by my colleague DeAnna L’am,
as a place for our Wisdom Years!
This is the NEXT STEP after the Red Tent…
DeAnnaPurple_Tent_Logo_Wisdom_yearsWhile in the Red Tent women bleed together, rest, renew, and simply BE…
in the Purple Tent – women practice their Inner Power,
embody FREEDOM, and dare to be LEADERS.
If you enjoyed the Menopause Summit –
this new place is made especially for you!

The motto for the Summit I was pleased to be part of
was a profound Native American saying:
“On her first bleed – a woman MEETS her power
During her bleeding years – she PRACTICES her power
And at Menopause – she BECOMES her POWER!”

In order to BECOME your true Inner Power, to fully EMBODY it –
you need to take the journey Toward Menopause
Otherwise it may be fraught with pain…

DeAnna brings depth of experience, vast skill, and a warm heart
to guide your travel TOWARD your WISDOM YEARS,
You don’t need to suffer on this journey…
DeAnna invites you to MEET the INTENSITY with FIERCENESS
and uncompromising COMMITMENT to your SELF!
If Menopause is on the Horizon – this is for you! It’s time to PREPARE
If you are on the Menopausal Road – this is DEFINITELY for you! It’s time to PRACTICE
If you are No Longer Bleeding – this is Your REALM – It’s time to TAKE your PLACE as A WISE WOMAN!
I encourage and urge you to take your place in the PURPLE TENT!
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Rachael xxxx
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