Love Zimbabwe Pad Project Update….

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Samara is just back from Zimbabwe with a load of pads, plus some lovely belly binds! She spoke to me about the trip saying this year was more difficult as the rains haven’t come and crops are failing, everyone is desperate to find work so they can feed their families.

One of the mothers sent me a letter along with the pads they have made, it reads “We are a group of 8 women, we are doing our best to sew these pads for you. This year is a critical year for us because we have grown our crops but they are wilting. So we have nothing to give our children- no food and we have no money to educate them. We are poor women and on top of that we are going to die of hunger, yours, Mothers at Love Zimbabwe”

Well, it puts things in perspective doesn’t it? For these women no crops means death…they have no money to buy food and they really want the project we have set up to work. So please, buy some of our pads and spread the word. 



lovezim2016_3Introducing the Moon Times-Love Zimbabwe Mothers.

lovezim2016_2Image- Samara with the mothers and children.

The Chinamhora community centre benefits many people. These women have been coming to the centre for a long time, despite their hard lives they are very cheerful and happy. They feel that it is a safe place for them to socialise with other women, cook, wash, sleep, they are able to get food when they don’t have any and support when they need it. They are very hard working and make the centre a warm and welcoming place for everyone.


Juliet Mungofa

Juliet is a mother of 5 children, the first 3 are triplets. The issues that she’s facing are partly because her daughter has vertebra displacer, resulting in her not being able to walk properly. If she walks for a long distance she experiences severe pains. Juliet cannot afford the special tablets her daughter so desperately needs. Her daughter also has a digestive reaction to certain foods.

Joyce Zimbudzang

Joyce is a mother of 12 and 4 of them are unemployed. During the liberation struggle she was shot on her right side, just above the breast. One of her children has only one eye and one of them is paralyzed. Her youngest is only 7 years old, Joyce has little money for her school fees so she is unable to go. She cannot work because of the shooting.

Theresa Mazena

Theresa is a widow, her husband died a long time ago. She has many stomach problems because she has stomach ulcers. She also has issues with her sight as she cannot see properly. She had 6 children but have 2 died, she also takes care of 10 orphans.

Memory Takakjira

Memory Lives with her husband. One of her children is Albino. There is a special lotion which he need, but it is very expensive.


Ever Muzambi

Ever is a widow and all of her children have died apart from one. She had a stroke three years ago and cannot afford the medication that she needs. Her child is married and finds it hard to look after her, so she doesn’t have anyone to depend on. She has a heart problem and high blood pressure which impairs her speech.


Faina Chihota

She lives with her husband and has 6 children. Her source of income is gardening. The father of her grandchildren has died and their mother is severely ill, so one of her grandchildren lives with her. Sometimes he is in hospital for over a month. She has a heart problem which prevents her from working.

 Gertrude Mazekwa

Gertrude is a widow and she has 6 children. One of her children is in form 4 and is supposed to take her GCSEs. She does not have the money for her to take the subjects that she wants to. Gertrude has a goiter on her throat. She finds life very hard because she also looks after her five-year-old grandchild.

 Lillian Elias

Lillian is originally from Malawi, She lives with her husband who is 88. She has 13 children, only 5 of them are still alive. All of the five have been unemployed since 2013. She has TB, chest problems and head ache problems. One of her children who died had a child who is 8 years old and is currently in grade 2.

Support these women by buying their pads… or donate direct to Love Zimbabwe here.