Changing Woman Mandala

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new on our Moon Times shopChanging Woman Mooncycle Mandala By Hannah Gwawr

This beautifully illustrated chart is a visual journey to assist with the remembering of and re-connection to the ancient mysteries and wisdom of the divine feminine and the Moonlodge.

A womans nature is cyclical and rhythmical, within our cycle are archetypes of the Goddess/feminine energies which we energetically embody at different stages of our monthly journey, these archetypes are also deeply connected to Mother Earth and her seasons.

Turning the different wheels you see beautiful, inspiring words and images. This Mandala reveals the journey of us as Changing Woman and our connection through our wombs to the Earth, All beings and Grandmother Moon.

Once we realise the magic of our cycle and womb wisdom we can better manage our emotions and rhythms, thus calling upon the teachings of womanhood to empower our lives.

14125584_1812069869013352_614767803928233061_oHannah Gwawr.

Changing Woman Mandalas are available from Moon Times for £20 plus P&P.