Moon Times 2015 Best Sellers….

Rachael CrowMusings

I  love doing my yearly business review…it’s a great way to see what’s been selling well and what products have beaten last years to the top 20!

So here we go…

  1. Cloth pads …sales weren’t as high as 2014, but they still made the no.1 slot!
  2. Jam Sponges are higher than their rival Moon Sponges… last year Moon Sponges out sold them!
  3. Panty liners are up 2 places from 2014…!
  4. Moon Sponges….still popular!
  5. Next up… the Love Zimbabwe pads . I’m so happy these have sold so well this year.
  6. Pad sets, these have proved to be a firm favourite- especially the matching sets with panty liners!
  7. Wool pads….the cosy, soft alternative to cloth.
  8. The Earth Pathways Diary- always a best seller.
  9. Our starter sets of pads– these are great for women who have never tried cloth!
  10. Diva Cups are the best selling cups of the year.
  11. Thirteen Moons– compilation of womens wisdom.
  12. Mooncups just a bit behind the Diva Cup!
  13. My Menarche book is still proving to be popular.
  14. Cosy and comforting, the womb wrap comes in at no.14.
  15. Ruby Cup…buy one and one gets donated to a school girl in Kenya.
  16. Moon Times Cycle Charting Journal…comes with a moon chart and malas.
  17. Make Your Own Kits, we only created these a couple of years ago and they’ve been a steady seller from the word go!
  18. Womanrunes….amazing, we only began stocking these a few months ago and they’ve made the top 20 best sellers of 2015!
  19. Moon Sponge & Panty Liner kits– the ever popular sponge with a couple of panty liners as back up 🙂
  20. Jam Sponge & Panty Liner kit– a set of Jam Sponges with 2 funky red and black panty liners….these kits didn’t make the top 20 last year!

What was your favourite Moon Times product of 2015?