Experiencing such beauty in a different culture

Rachael CrowMoon Lodge/Red Tent, Musings

hamamI’m landing back from my yoga holiday and the cultural experiences I had over there…..I have to say my highlight of the week was my visit to the Hammam where I was scrubbed within an inch of my life! I’ve never been so clean!

It was actually a very emotional experience being rubbed with henna, soap, mud and a scrubbing mit by a complete stranger, who was a woman who lives in a culture where she is totally covered in public but in the hammam is just in her knickers, washing me like I’m her child…it brought tears to my eyes.

Just seeing such a different side to this culture. And seeing the children and mothers and grannies all washing eachother.. for hours, they literally spent over an hour carefully washing every part of each other…So beautiful.

It did make me wonder how different our culture might be if girls were brought up with this complete acceptance of every body- every body shape and size, women washing each other, boobs flapping around, the intimacy of touch that can be so taboo, but here is so normal and healthy.

Well, I brought back my bags of washing henna, olive soap, dried mud and my daughter and I have enjoyed quite a few “Moroccan Baths” – scrubbing each other while sitting in the bottom of the shower! My son was is still reluctant, and I’ve yet to try it on my husband…!

I have a vision of building a wet room/sauna next to my yurt!

I would love to see more groups of women and girls coming together, breaking out of our cultures body size issues, nudity, breastfeeding in public madness …perhaps UK hammams are the way to go?!