What do you mean I’m in autumn?!

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autumnHave you over heard a friend saying “oh I’m in autumn” and wondered what the heck she means when its 30 degrees and definitely summer outside? Well it’s pretty likely she is referring to her menstrual cycle. No, really, bear with me on this one.

Roughly speaking a womans menstrual cycle lasts around  four weeks and can be broken down into four phases. Pre-ovulation, ovulation, pre-menstrual and menstruation. So far, so good, but what does that have to do with the weather I hear you ask.

Well it looks a little something like this….

Pre-Ovulation – consider this to be your inner Spring. Your period was last week and is all done and your not getting the hormone changes of ovulation just yet. Your energy is probably quite light and relaxed, possibly a little bit bouncy, kind of Spring like….

Ovulation – this is inner Summer, your energy is high and your feeling hot and quite possibly sexy too. Your libido is likely to be strong and you feel like you can get everything done in one go, housework is a breeze and projects that have been running a bit slow get a shot in the arm.

Pre-menstrual – so your starting to feel a bit sluggish, a bit foggy, mental clarity is not great at this point in the cycle.  Your kind of feeling a bit Autumn-ish and like you want to get ready to hibernate.

Menstruation – Winter has arrived, all you really want to do is curl up in bed and stay in the warm.  Your feeling slow and a need to be gentle and quiet.  You may notice that if you have to resist these impulses you get more cramps and feel pretty miserable.

This is of course a really simplfied explanation of the seasons of the menstrual cycle, but hopefully it gives you the idea. It does of course go deeper than this, and there is more to understand about how each phase affects the next. If you want to know more then you could read Thirteen Moons by Rachael Hertogs or Moon Time by Lucy Pearce.


(c) Awen Clement – October 2015