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Hello Beautiful Ones!

Sending you bright sunshine vibes from Pembrokeshire…oh I know, it’s wet and stormy, but hey, we all need some light in our lives! So since the last newsletter I’ve sent all the donated cups to Hestia (see below), we celebrated our youngests 3rd birthday (with a wheat free-sugar free chocolate cake!) and I took part in an International Red Tent Day webinar…amongst other things! It’s been busy but now I’m feeling the pull into hibernation as the leaves fall and the animals and plants tuck themselves up for the winter…trying to find quiet times when you have 2 small children and a business to run isn’t easy, but it’s a self care routine I’m doing more and more- especially around the new moon. This new moon I birthed two “dark drums”- I’m enjoying working with the cow hide energy- she has been one of my power animals for many years, and her hide is so thick she doesn’t get so effected by the damp! A bonus living in Wales! The other is a beautiful horse hide drum, the second I’ve made from this wild Scottish horse, her energy is wild and fast! They are both available from my Etsy shop.

I’ve just downloaded my Shining Biz Workbook– this is a great way to get really focussed on your business goals- and achieve them! (theres also a Life edition!) Highly recommend these books- and they are totally affordable!  🙂


Menstrual Cup Donation scheme…update!

The final total of all the cups donated over the ‪#‎ditchthedisposables‬ campaign was 122 cups- these are being sent to 2 womens charities- Hestia and Dignity Matters. Huge thanks to the Moon Times customers who donated 25 cups, as well as Femmecup, Feminine Wear, Boobalou, Earthwise Girls, Lunette and Lena Cup!  And you can still donate! See the donation page at Moon Times.

So, whats in the shop?

This week I’m focussing on things to keep you relaxed in the run up to Yule!

So first up has to be our Womens Moon Time Relaxation Kit!  To support you in taking time out during your cycle. It includes: 2 Moon Sponge Sea Sponge Tampons with storage bag and instructions OR 1 Moon Times cloth patterned pad with 2 organic cotton inserts (patterned fabric may vary from picture), Moon Phase Calendar to help you chart your cycle against the phases of the moon, Moon Time Book By Lucy H Pearce, 10ml lavender oil- great for relaxation, 1 box of Womens Tea.

Relaxation set

Next… How about a pack of oracle cards to take you in to some quiet time…we have 3 sets on the website- the Daughters in Flower– with a book for mothers and a book for daughters (or for your inner child) these beautifully illustrated cards make a beautiful gift. Or perhaps the Key to the Universe set? Created by Joanna Crowson (from the Daughters in Flower cards) and Silja Winther, these cards are a new energetic system for understanding human growth and spiritual development: the Star of 13. Together, the book and cards offer a tool kit that helps you connect to the Primal Energies and begin working on them in your everyday life. And of course, the powerful but simple Womanrunes– I’m using these in my daily practise and they are spot on every time!

How about some delicious herbs from WomanSoul- these can be blended as a relaxing cuppa…or a womb steam! We have a few flavours for different stages in life- Heal The Womb, Fertility, Mama, Moontime and Menopause. wmb blend moontime

Last recommendation…is Womb Wrap! Cosy up all winter in one of thee beauties! Created by Clare from Cherishing Woman, they are super snuggly and even have a pocket for a hot water bottle! I’m considering ordering another! 😉 maroon womb wrap

On the Blog

Well, this week I thought I’d post a general “Womb Health” link to some of my archive blog posts, get yourself a cuppa and have a delve into some old posts, such as tips for heavy flow, menstrual healing, yoni/womb steams, menstrual migraines etc… enjoy!


Wonderful workshop offerings in the Red Tent from 2 friends of mine, Angharad Emma and Hannah Gwawr- they offer WOMEN’S MEDICINE WAYS; The Women’s medicine ways are a series of workshops for women who wish to walk the path of beauty and power… Based on native teachings and
earth wisdom these workshops will take you on a journey into deepening woman , our natural indigenous selves……for more info see my Red Tent workshops page.

Wishing you a wonderful week- and if you happen to be in Pembrokeshire this weekend, I will be at the Nant Y Cwm Yule Fair on Saturday, 11-4pm at Clunderwen Village Hall!

Love, Rachael xxx


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