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Greetings Dear Sistars!

ancestor altarHow was Samhain for you? We had a powerful all night vigil with the Thirteen Moons women, we co-created a beautiful ancestor altar and stayed up all night singing and chanting, and watched the sunrise…beautiful! There are still spaces to join the Thirteen Moons Journey next year, do be in touch if it’s calling you.




In the Shop

Womanrunes have arrived in stock this week so get your order in now, the last batch sold out fast!


In case you haven’t come across these oracle cards before this is their story – “In 1987, women’s spirituality foremother and wayshower, Shekhinah Mountainwater, experienced a “goddess-lightning” strike of inspiration and created a set of 41 woman-identified rune symbols for divination and personal growth. Twenty-five years later, I discovered Womanrunes and created an expanded means of interpreting, using, and exploring these powerful, magical symbols.” – Molly Remer



2015-10-12 17.45.21 2015-10-06 14.14.51 We have loads of other beautiful gifts available, fabulous sculptures from Bell Pine Art Farm and jewellery and sculptures from Brigids Grove too.





We still have Earth Pathways Diaries and Calendars in stock but they are going fast, don’t miss out!


Plus don’t forget we also have moon charts, goddess banners, sacred essences and herbal blends. All of this alongside our wide selection of re-usable menstrual products – cloth pads, menstrual cups and sponges.


On the Blog

What do you mean I’m in Autumn? – what do the seasons of the year have to do with your menstrual cycle? What difference might it make?


Thirteen Moons Journey 2016 – There are still a couple of places available to join next years circle of beautiful women on the land with me. Deepen your connection with the land, the divine feminine, other women and your wise inner self. Join us!

2015-10-18 14.29.04Women and Girls Camp 2016 – This is in its planning stages and I’m very excited about it. Further information will be available via this newsletter as soon as things have been confirmed. Watch this space!

Plus…some wonderful workshop offerings in the Red Tent from 2 friends of mine, Emma and Hannah Davies- they offer WOMEN’S MEDICINE WAYS; Through our recent culture of disconnection, separation and denial of the divine feminine we have lost many of the ancient teachings of the ways of woman, slowly as the teachings return, women are understanding their true essence…The Women’s medicine ways are a series of workshops for women who wish to walk the path of beauty and power… Based on native teachings and earth wisdom these workshops will take you on a journey into deepening woman, our natural indigenous selves…for more info see my Womens Workshop page.

Wishing you a wonderful week

Love, Rachael xxx


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