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Dearest SiStars,

It’s been a glorious few days here in Pembrokeshire. On Sunday we had our Women and Girls Lodge where we explored the Nine Passages as a Life Spiral Altar that we co-created, sharing life stories as we built it up. We also had a beautiful drum journey through all the stages, which the girls (and mums) absolutely loved! I feel very blessed to be part of the group offering this special day in such an amazing place, the girls explored the land and found their own “Spirit Spot” where they will spend more time connecting with as the months go on.

In The Shop

It has been really exciting the last couple of weeks at Moon Times HQ as parcels of beautiful gifts and treasures have been arriving from across the sea!

We are now stocking beautiful statues from Bell Pine Art Farm and jewellery and statues from Brigid’s Grove too! Check out our Gifts section to see whats in stock.

Bell Pine Art Farm Statues







We did have a few more options but they sold out quick! If you have any favourites you’d like to order through us for friends, do let us know.


Brigid’s Grove Items


We will also be stocking Womanrunes from Brigid’s Grove and we’re expecting delivery of those in November, you can pre-order your set here.


Plus don’t forget we have 2016 Earth Pathways Diaries and Calendars and also 2016 Moon Charts too!










There’s a few items on sale in my Etsy Shop- such as wool pads, and my old style Menarche books…you’ll also find Shamanic Drums for sale – a wonderful woman-crafted gift for the special woman/sister/daughter in your life!

On the Blog

Why did I try to put the kettle in the fridge?

Do you have times where you do random things like trying to put the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk? Asking someone to pass you the butter from the oven?

Do you have trouble articulating properly, forgetting words for things or being unable to explain what you want? Are you sometimes barely able to string two words together?

Have you ever paid attention to whether this happens at a particular point in your menstrual cycle?….read more….


There is still time to join my Thirteen Moons Journey for 2016, bookings close on the 31st October.

The Thirteen Moons journey will deepen your connection with your cyclical nature and its relation to the seasons and the age old knowledge of our ancient mothers; remembering techniques that increase our natural women’s intuition and connect to our inner medicine woman.

Next weekend- for Samhain, my current Thirteen Moons Group will be on a powerful all night vigil, I’m so excited about it, I’m finding it difficult not to burst with all the magical, witchy, fiery plans that are bubbling in my cauldron!

Wishing you a blessed week and a wonderful Samhain…whatever you do!

Rachael xxx