Menstrual Healing

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Back in July I posted about my Menstrual Staff, well since then the process has become much deeper and more healing than I could ever have imagined!menstrual staff

I decided that I would consciously tune into each strip of 12/13 rags at the age I would have been at that time, so I began with a strip that represented my first year of bleeding, tuned into that young woman, remembered her life at that time, how she felt at her menarche, sent her love and healing, reassured her of my presence and told her of the woman she was yet to become, I sang her songs and chants, cried and laughed as I remembered ….I’ve continued to process with this each month, sometimes doing 3 or 4 years of my life at a time and I’m up to my late 20’s now…what a healing journey it’s been!


Why not make your own Menstrual Healing Staff?


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