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Equinox Greetings Sistars!

I am sending out this newsletter on Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, the second of the three harvest festivals on the wheel of the year, the fruit harvest. A festival of abundance and thanksgiving. It’s also a cross quarter point, where day and night are of equal length. It is a time to take action and move into a new energy phase to balance the outer world with the inner world. A time to release the past so you can move forwards, a chance to be clear about what it is you want to do now and to prepare for the winter.  This is a time to appreciate all that the Earth has provided for us and is an opportunity to ask yourself what you can give back to her, to help her healing.

The days are getting shorter and colder, the suns power is waning fast. It’s a time to share what we have gained and completed over the summer. We celebrate the Earth and all her gifts; friendships, family, our produce, our creations and achievements and our own personal harvest.  It is a time for balancing and reconciling opposites and to see them as part of the whole. To celebrate your whole selves, your masculine and feminine aspects, your conscious and unconscious, your light and dark sides, your fortunes and misfortunes. Celebrate it all, the good and the bad. Honour the changing season that brings a chance to start again.

This is the beginning of root energy and brings rest, sleep and renewal. It is a chance for all life to go within and re-enter the dark womb of the spiritual world. Turn inwards, listen to the understanding and intuition that comes from your inner knowing. Learn to trust this part of yourself and accept the transformative nature of this season.

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As the year is turning to its end you are perhaps thinking about calendars and diaries for next year and we have some beautiful choices in the shop.

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On the Blog

Menstrual Healing – Back in July I posted about my Menstrual Staff, well since then the process has become much deeper and more healing than I could ever have imagined!



Bookings are now open for my Thirteen Moons Journey, commencing January 2016. Join me and a circle of women, in this 13 moons long journey in the Womens Mysteries; shamanic drum making, ceremony, meditation, Jade egg practices, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, Sacred Scars, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature, staying up to watch the sunrise, all night vigil and connecting with our ancestors….

I’m holding a “meet Rachael, and find out more about the Thirteen Moons Journey” this Sunday, 27th, 2-4pm, all welcome! Email me if you’re wanting to come!


I still have a couple of spaces on the Shamanic Drum making, perhaps you’d like to make one with your beloved? It’s an opportunity for men and women to make them together! FFI see www.rachaelhertogs.co.uk

Wishing you balance and fruitful abundance,

Mabon Blessings

Rachael xxx