Birth Your Own Shamanic Drum!

Rachael CrowWorkshops

Learn to make a 12″/14”/16″ shamanic drum from natural materials

October 24th 2015


please note this is a mixed event for men and women, for those interested in a women only day please email for future dates

*places are very limited*

£150 (cost includes all materials)

drum birthing1

You will spend the day creating and birthing a drum, tuning in with the natural materials, giving thanks and prayers as you use your hands, putting your love, energy and intent into this medicine tool to create a truly special drum for yourself!

50% of the cost of the workshop will be required when you book. (Bookings must be in by Oct 1st)

Horse or Deer hide drums available, please state which you would like to make, and what size, when booking.

For dates and FFI email

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