Autumn Weavings in our Women and Girls Lodge

Rachael CrowMenarche, Moon Lodge/Red Tent, Musings

This month our focus in our lodge has been the Autumn Equinox…sharing the harvest and giving thanks!

So we decided the perfect way to celebrate with our Women and Girls Lodge would be to make soup of our vegetable harvest…which everyone helped with the chopping and stirring on the fire!

We collected wild berries to make into a delicious jam, and we also created a wonderful weaving, full of autumn colours, wools, fabric strips, woven in along side strings of popcorn, nuts, seeds, berries…

The women sang songs of the earth, of love, autumn, the wheel turning, while the girls wove their magic into the loom….

girls lodge weavingThe loom was carried outside for the birds and animals to feast on….and our soup and jam was delicious!

What a beautiful day!

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