Women and Girls Lodge- Pembrokeshire

Rachael CrowMenarche, Moon Lodge/Red Tent, Workshops

red tent jul 15…..and the women of the Red tent gathered….but this time they brought their daughters….

Dear Sister,

Does your heart sing when you sit in a circle of women? Do you feel you are part of the earth, part of the whole? Do you believe all beings need to be treated with respect? Do you want to walk down a path of sustainability and connection, to create a new earth based culture?

You and your daughters are invited to join our Women and Girls Lodge

Together we will begin a journey to awaken the path to womanhood for our girls, through nature activities, wisdom sharing, play, craft and earth connection; we will recreate our culture and rewrite “herstory”.

Sunday Sept 20th, Sunday 18th Oct, Sunday 15th Nov and Sunday 13th Dec.

cost is sliding scale £10-30 per family, pay what you can afford

bring lunch to share

girls age 8 and up welcome- with their mother/supporting woman

There will be ceremony for woman and the girls, fires outside, shared lunch, exploring the land, story telling and nature play….

if you have any questions or want further information contact me on  info@rachaelhertogs.co.uk

Booking Essential

We are a core group of 5 women- Rachael, Emma, Robyn, Jenny and Do. We have been meeting for the past few months- we put the earth in the centre, opened our hearts, held council and spoken our truth and found our way to holding and creating this Women and Girls Lodge.

We bring our bundle of wisdom to share; forest school, play, camaraderie amongst ourselves and the girls, nature connection, play therapy, beautiful crafts, sacred girls lodges, story telling, moon time wisdom, songs and chants, beautiful ceremonies, wise women’s ways…

Costs will pay for materials, rental of the land and future activities. We hope that women will commit to the group and to supporting their daughters as they journey into womanhood.

We recommend looking at www.ninepassages.com and downloading the girls ceremonies PDF’s to get an idea of what we are hoping to create.

We have been Inspired by Gail Burkett’s work and particularly her Gifts from The Elders book.