#ditchthedisposables Campaign Update!

Rachael CrowMenstrual Health, Musings

Have you started to notice the hashtag #ditchthedisposables around on social media? I hope so!

Many retailers are using the tag to alert women to ditch their tampons and throwaway pads and try a reusable alternative, and whats REALLY EXCITING about the campaign is that while we are educating women about the toxins in the disposable products, we are fundraising and receiving donations of menstrual cups which will be sent to 2 charities working with homeless women.

The 2 charities are Hestia and Donate For Dignity, who work with homeless women and those living below the breadline.

rubycupHow can you help? The quickest and easiest way is to Click here and donate a cup! For just £15.99 you can really make a difference to a homeless woman.

You can share this blog, use the #ditchthedisposables tag all over social media and alert your friends to the campaign,  and keep an eye on our social media pages for #ditchthedisposables discounts!