Helping you to prepare for her first period

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As you may know, here at Moon Times we are passionate about helping reclaim womens rites of passage, especially Menarche.  The way a young woman is supported at the time of her menarche can have long reaching effects on her life as she grows into womanhood.


As a mother you might be wondering where to begin to help her with this transition, but know that you want to be prepared and have something better to offer than the ‘goodie bag’ of disposable products that she might receive. Many of us remember the ‘talk’ and possibly a really bad video towards the end of primary school and some were totally non-plussed by the bag of samples we were given in anticipation of the arrival of our periods.

Moon Times are delighted to present you with our Moon Maiden Menarche Celebration Kit.  This is a package created with loving thought from one mother to another, to help you support your daughter at this beautiful, magical time of her life.  Even if her menarche is a while away you might want to have it to put away ready, or use it to start the conversation with her about what is coming.


The kit includes – A calico drawstring pad bag, 1 Moon Times cloth patterned pad with 2 organic cotton inserts, 1 Moon Times cloth panty liner pad (fabric patterns vary from pic), a Moon Phase Calendar to help her chart your cycle against the phases of the moon, 1 box of Herbal Tea, a pack of affirmation cards, 10 ml lavender oil- great for relaxation and a copy of Menarche: A Journey to Womanhood by Rachael Hertogs.

Menarche: A Journey to Womanhood is full of advice and tips to celebrate your first period and your first years of menstruating.  It is also full of stories from young women and mothers about their experiences of their menarche. This book is a wonderful way to start exploring menarche with your daughter and a resource for you both to refer to again and again.  Combined with the other gifts in the Moon Maiden Menarche Celebration Kit, you should have all you need to make the arrival of her first period a positive experience for you both.