Summer Festivals – Manage your Moon Time on the Move


So you’ve bagged some tickets for your favourite festival, your tent is sorted, you’ve got a lift and the weather forecast is looking good and then you realise that your going to have your period while you’re there.  You’re not going to want to miss the festival but dealing with disposable pads and tampons at a festival can be a real pain.


So how about giving re-usable products a go? Some women perceive that this is more hassle, but with re-usables you never have to worry about finding the nearest sanitary bin!  With re-usables you don’t have to worry about all that waste that comes with disposables –  wrappers, applicators, used pads and tampons.  Women who use cups and sponges find they don’t feel as messy as they do with disposable products either.

Managing any re-usable menstrual product at a festival is just a matter of being organised.  You’re going to know how long you will be away for and you probably know how long your bleed is going to last. So add to your kit a ‘pad bag‘, basically a bag with a waterproof pocket and if you feel you want it, either a tub full of pre-wetted cloths or dry cloths and a water bottle.

Change your cloth pads as normal when needed and stash the dirty ones in the waterproof pocket.  Use your wipes if you feel the need and pop them in there too.  If you have the time and space you could rinse your pads before you take them home, or just wrap well.  If you’re inclined you could wash them and hang on your tent ropes!

Your other option (or a combination of course) would be a menstrual cup or sponge and management for both is much the same really.  The key thing will be keeping your hands clean so you’re not introducing anything unwanted.

A cup can simply be removed, emptied, rinsed and re-inserted – you can empty onto the land if need be and there isn’t an easy toilet available.  If you preferred you could have two cups, changing to the clean one and finding time to clean the spare before the next swap.  You would handle a sponge in much the same way, simply rinse and re-insert. Just give everything a more thorough clean if required when you return home.

So there you have it, manage your bleed and just keep enjoying the music!