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Blessings SiStars!

Goddess what a month May has been so far! Read below about the ceremonies I’ve taken part in….I’ve had a month of finding more balance in life, evenings with my family having food and fires on the beach, as well as time in the garden planting foods and flowers. We are in another Mercury Retrograde so I’m being mindful where I put my energies!

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Moon Times Shop

So have you wondered about moon sponges? Also known as sponge tampons?  Well to get you started, here is a blog post about them that might answer some of your questions. – Sponge Tampons are nothing new!

We have a number of different purchasing options when it comes to sponges at Moon Times.


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You could buy our Moon Sponge Gift Set for a friend, has someone you know muttered about trying it? They get a bottle of tea tree oil for helping keep it clean and fresh and a moon cycle calendar too!

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And don’t forget the May Sale! We’ve got pad sets to suit all pockets – and all design tastes!

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If you can’t afford a full set, you could buy singles from our ‘Seconds Pads’ or ‘Seconds Panty Liners’. Seconds are pads which may be a bit dirty from being used as ‘display’ pads, have a slight sewing fault, be a bit ‘off size’, faded fabric, not dyed evenly, washed to test sewing…that kind of thing.

Community Menarche Ceremony

menarche 2015_1c2015 has certainly been a year of manifesting my dreams! I was honoured to Co-create a “Community Menarche Ceremony” – inviting local mothers and daughters to take part and witness young women being celebrated as Menarche Maidens. The young pre-menarche girls came dressed in white -we had 9 young girls with their mothers (aged 3-11) watching and listening with such attention.

Read more here….



Community Red Tent Update

We had the MOST AMAZING opening ceremony last Monday, 17 women came and blessed the yurt with their beautiful energy, singing, dancing, tears and laughter! When I spoke about ALL the women who have supported the project and that it was now officially open as a bleeding hut for the women to retreat to there was an overwhelming round of gratitude. Many of the women there had no idea the “bigger picture” was to create a retreat space for them to access ANY time! One woman responded “It is only now that this need is fulfilled that I realise that I had such a need of this!” 

We had a Cacao Ceremony where we shared our deep gratitudes, chanted together, looked into each others eyes and connected with our sisters, and ended with a chant and spiral outside to earth our blessings into the Great Mother.

Donations will be continually needed to supply wood, teas, and all that goes in to the care of a permanent Moon Lodge/Red Tent, so if you can spare a few pounds that would be amazing, you can make a donation here.



Temple Druid Community

The Red Tent lives on the land of a beautiful place in West Wales called Temple Druid.  In 2014 a group formed to create a community that will live and work at Temple Druid, that includes me and my family.  We are looking for others who might be interested in investing in the community and enjoying this way of life.  We are hosting a New Members Day on Saturday 20th June for interested parties to come and have a look, ask questions and enjoy a picnic lunch with the community.  Further details and how to book a slot can be found here.


8th August 2015 – Bushra Finch of Mizan Therapy is coming to West Wales to deliver her Wombspace Workshop. Learn some useful ideas for optimising your wombspace health to help resolve menstrual pain, irregular cycles, improve fertility, aid post natal recovery, glide through the menopause…. and much more.  More information can be found on the Facebook Event Page and you can book your place direct with Bushra via email –

3rd October 2015Scar Sister Day – Workshop with your Sacred Tattoo, Drum, Ritual and Ceremony.  With tattooist Suzi Edwards (Earth Pathways Diary artist and sacred tattooist) and myself, Rachael Hertogs.  A day of ritual tattooing in Pembrokeshire. Further details and how to book can be found here

4th-5th July 2015 Moon Mother Training with Miranda Gray 

Join thousands of Moon Mothers worldwide in helping women to awaken to their authentic female energies and empowerment! This training weekend is in Wales at The Ceridwen Centre, Penbank Farm, SE44 5XE . BOOK NOW as places are limited! Contact Organiser Angela Northwood  –  For more information see

New on the blog

It’s my pleasure to share a guest post from Lorraine Ferrier at Ferility Joy this week, she takes you step by step through charting your cycle and why it’s a step in preserving your health as a woman! Read all about it here-

With love

Rachael xxx