Manifesting dreams…a community menarche ceremony

Rachael CrowMusings

2015 has certainly been a year of manifesting my dreams! I was honoured to Co-create a “Community Menarche Ceremony” – inviting local mothers and daughters to take part and witness young women being celebrated as Menarche Maidens. The young pre-menarche girls came dressed in white -we had 9 young girls with their mothers (aged 3-11) watching and listening with such attention.

menarche 2015_1c

Two Menarche maidens were celebrated and women were crying and laughing and asking for such a ceremony for themselves!


There was wonderful storyteller from the community to share a first blood story which captivated everyone and had even the youngest girls hanging on to every word.


The ceremony ended with a feast and sharing, everyone commented on what a beautiful afternoon it had been and the girls were excited to tell their friends and are looking forward to when they will be celebrated as “Menarche Maidens”.


And one of the most exciting things from the day is the birth of a local “women and girls group” which will meet in the yurt and share stories, ceremony, playing in nature with girls over 8.