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Dear Aunt Flo, I often get a creamy discharge which I’ve been treating with canesten, but it only goes away for a few weeks and then comes back again. Can you offer any advice for me? Thanks Janie.

Dear Janie,
Since you have only mentioned a “creamy discharge” and no other symptoms (with thrush you get itchiness and soreness around the entrance of the vagina, pain during sex, a stinging sensation when you urinate, and vaginal discharge, although this isn’t always present; the discharge is usually odourless and it can be thin and watery, or thick and white like cottage cheese.) I am going to guess that you are actually noticing your change in mucus that happens each month. (see image)

Mucus varies from dry, to sticky, to creamy, to egg-white before ovulation in most women.
Dry is when there really isn’’t much mucus to get your fingers on.
Sticky is when you get enough mucus for your fingers to feel sticky or tacky.
Creamy might be whitish and feels somewhat like lotion when you rub your fingers together. This mucus can be fertile, but isn’’t always.
Egg-white cervical mucus is called that because of its resemblance to raw egg whites. It is either clear or streaked and stretches an inch or more. Sometimes it is watery.
After ovulation it is normal to have some dry, sticky or creamy mucus, and some women have watery mucus or a little egg- white again right before their menses begins.

Do you think you could be noticing the fertility signs of your mucus?

If you do think it is thrush, then the best treatment is change of diet, cutting out all sugars and yeasts, look up “Candida Diet” and one of my favourite books is the Body Ecology Diet.

I hope I’ve helped!

warmest wishes,

Aunt Flo xxxx

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