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Dear Aunt Flo, My friend has been finally diagnosed with endometriosis, is there a natural way to treat it or are surgery and hormones the only way to go? Thanks, Jackie.

Hi Jackie, well first congratulations on getting the diagnosis- it is often  tricky to get a good Dr to recognise the symptoms and agree to a diagnosis.

I’m so sorry for your friend, endometriosis is a painful and extremely debilitating dis-ease.

I want to completely aknowlege the difficulties women face with this, and how hard it is to even get a diagnosis, it can take years for some women, and Gps just offer surgery, hormones (coil or Pill)  and have no interest in looking at this holistically.

My findings are shared here are from many, many books, clients, information from support groups and womb massage teachers and practitioners…I offer it in the hope it may help. (book list below)

It’s not known yet what causes endo but we do know that the immune system system plays a big part, plus inflammatory cytokines and other immune factors that inflame the endo and promote growth. It shares many symptoms with other immune disorders such as lupus and rhumatiod arthritis, plus a genetic componant. Its also connected to chemical exposure in the womb. Other chemicals (endocrine disruptors) may play their part, so environmental toxins need to be cleared up. (check out this blog for good advice on greening your home)

Endo and the digestive system go together, and while it’s an inflamatory condition, hormones play their part too with oestrogen stimulating growth.

Liver packs and womb packs would be my first go to…soothing the womb, supporting the lesions to shrink and supporting the liver to detoxify. See my blog on womb and liver packs. Using castor oil brings light into the body and is very relaxing and soothing.

Yoni Steams are WONDERFUL- check out my blog all about them!

Womb Massage- I offer this, and there are many practitioners out there. You can also do self massage.

Foods wise, it’s the usual stuff-definitely get rid of dairy and gluten, eggs to as they are an inflammatory food, alcohol has to GO! It is strongly linked to inflamation and impares the livers ability to deal with oestrogen. Its also recommended to cut out caffiene, processed foods, sugar (switch to healthy sugars- honey or agave- both in moderation), eat very little meat (if you eat meat be sure its organic to avoid mass produced hormone fed meat, its its fish, it needs to be from non polluted seas- Alaskan is best), add in more organic foods- leafy greens, juices, smoothies, blueberries, seaweeds, salads, whole grains and legumes….

Optimal nourishment -plenty of vitamins via food and via nourishing infusions- as recommended by the herbalist Susun Weed- red clover, nettle, red raspberry leaves, oatstraw, comfrey, and alfafa.
Berberine- anti inflammatory
Tumuric capsules can help shrink endo lesions. (high does capsules will be needed- take two a day)
Magnesium Citrate – soothing, anti inflammaroty, calms anxiety, sooths pain, aids sleep 500mg everyday
Zinc- an immune regulator and anti inflammatory 30mg a day
Resveratol- found in grapes, berries and fruits
N-acetyl Cysteine- an amino acid and reduces anxiety (500-2000mg a day)
Selenium- anti inflammatory
vitex tincture: 90 drops in a little water everyday
B vitamins are a womens super supplement and DIM is a popluar supplement for hormone regulating- both avalable from Cytoplan- but I would recommend taking these under the guidance of a nutritionist.
organic krill oil 3000 mg a day
Vitamin E oil-cold pressed wheat germ oil, 1 capsule a day

Boost your immune system– astragalus tincture: 1/4 teaspoon in a little water, twice a day.
probiotic yoghurt (coconut yoghurt is easy to make, whizz a tin of organic coconut milk, add a probiotic powder, leave over night in a galss jar, the next day you have yoghurt!)

Try an Infra Red lamp, these help with pain and inflammation and can be bought fairly cheaply. See this womans testimonial.

Work with the energy...On an energetic level… Endo is connected with feelings of inadeqacy, being unaccepted and in some cases rejecting the feminine aspects of yourself. Putting all competing priorities of your life over yourself leaving you feeling totally depleted, running on empty, ungrounded, unsupported, insecure, dissapointed, and frustrated. Holding feelings of rejection from others, especially men. Not valuing or honouring yourself. Denial of love and apreciation. Replacing love with sugar. Not taking responsibity for yourself or your actions, always blaming others.

Maybe some of this resonates, maybe not…sit with the words and feel what feels true for you.

Affirm- I am powerful and desirable. It’s wonderful to be a woman, I love myself and I am fulfilled. I am healthy, my body is well. Every cell is in harmony.

Perhaps try some fo my healing meditations- paticulalry the Healing and womb connection ones.

Mental Thoughts, can you believe that your body can heal this? What are your emotional needs and are you getting them met? Where you in competition in your life and are you willing to change this? Can you work with turning any negative toughts around? Can you love your body, including the endo- for they are part of you that need loving as well. Forgiveness, self love,and stepping out of any past hurts will be needed. Do you need to turn around your thoughs regarding your periods? Have they been a “curse”? Pehaps take my Love Your Period course?


You Can Heal your Life, Louise Hay

Womens Bodies, Womens Wisdom, Dr Christiane Northrup

The Period Repair Book Lara Briden

The Medical Meduim- book and podcast

The Secret Language of your Body, Inna Segal

Endometriosis And Other Pelvic Pain: A comprehensive guide to all treatment options Dr Susan Evans

Endometriosis: A Holistic Healing Guide Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak

Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom: An Empowering Journey With Endometriosis, Melanie Rossiter

I am really happy to offer 1-1 distant healing, or skype sessions to support your healing journey, see my offerings here.


Disclaimer: Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals, I would recommend a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, auvedic practitioner or acupuncturist …but go with what resonates for you.
By reading this guide, you agree that my company and myself are not responsible for your health or the health of your dependents.

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