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Greetings Sistars!

How is it March already?! That said it does mean that Spring is arriving, whilst the winds are still on the cold side there is more sunshine about and the bulbs are starting to sprout and share a little colours.  Before we know it the clocks will have moved and it might start feeling a bit warmer!

In honour of the time of year I have been having a traditional Spring clean here at Moon Times HQ and whilst I did a stock take I unearthed lots of little bits and pieces that are looking for homes so I’ve added them to the Moon Times Spring Sale.

There are loads of different pad sets in the Sale, some single colour basics pads, rabbits, monkeys, hearts, pirates and roses….take a look. (many prints are the last ones of their kind in stock, so if you have a favourite, get it before it’s gone forever!)

mix pads 2013

If you’ve been wondering about getting a copy of my book Menarche: A Journey into Womanhood, I have some copies of the older version with the old cover on (not the red teepee cover) and they are just £5, get one before they’re gone!

menarche front cover_t

There are the very last few Lactivist baby t-shirts, these aren’t easy to get hold of anymore, when they’re gone they’re gone.  Who do you know who’s having a baby soon and would appreciate positive breastfeeding and co-sleeping messages on their babywear?

Other than the shop I’m really excited to be involved in some great workshops and events this year, have you seen what I’m up to?

Sacred Blood Mysteries Webinar

sacred blood

I’m really excited to have hooked up with Anni Daulter and the Sacred Pregnancy/Sacred Living Movement.  They are offering a new 3 week online course ‘Sacred Blood Mysteries’. The course is being led by Jess and Jess of ‘Sacred Essence’ and I’m really excited to be offering menarche ceremony work as part of the course.

“Delve into our most sacred Women’s Essence- our blood. Celebrate the time of the divine feminine awakening and come on a 3 week journey into the power of the womb. This webinar will look at the physical and energetic processes of menstruation. Then we will take the work deeper and create ceremonies to honor each phase of our female journey. Finally we will hone practical tools for living in rhythm with our blood.”

It officially started on the 1st of March but if you drop them a line via Facebook I’m sure you can still sign up.  Course cost is $115

Drum making

On the 30th May 2015  I am holding one of my Shamanic Drum Making Worskshops, I only offer a limited number of places on these days.  You will spend the day birthing a 14″ drum using natural materials and giving thanks and prayers in the beauty of West Wales. Cost is £150 and this includes all materials.

me drum_t

Scar Sister

On October 3rd 2015 I am really excited to be hosting a day of ritual, sacred tattooing with Suzi Edwards. As you are held in sacred space with chanting and drumming by your sisters, Suzi will tattoo you with a totem design of your choice. Scar Sister Day is a deep journey for women wishing to have a tattoo as part of their own ritual experience. Cost is £100, £90 if booked before 31st May.

Red Tent Auction


Finally just a quick reminder about the Red Tent Auction on the 20th March.  We have so many amazing gifts lined up for you! Make sure your folloing Moon Times on Facebook or are signed up for the Facebook event to get all the juicy details.  There’ll be a special newsletter next week to fill you in too!

All love for now

Rachael xxx