Auction Special…..see what’s on offer!

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So here we are….you get to see exactly whats on offer from all the AMAZING women who have donated their gifts to support this Community Red Tent! (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!)

To take part in the Auction do join the Red Tent Facebook event and see how it works!

Here we go…the Auction Items …in no particular order!

7 secrets of joyful birtharrival-cd-large

Book and Cd from Dominique at Relaxed Birth and Parenting


10450879_10205887067005830_7457639645758334479_n 10599520_10205886773438491_7470230413266204819_nil_570xN.552193348_7m9g

Book, cards, statue and pendant from Molly and Mark at Brigids Grove


BirthJourneyWebsite IAMWebsite

SPFlierWebsite Red background

On Line Retreats from Anni Daulter at Sacred Pregnancy

Jane HC

Thirteen Moons and Spinning Wheel from Jane Hardwick Collings



Essence from Clare  at Clarity Vibration


she is gold coverBirthrites

Cd and book from Jackie Singer


Self-Help-DVD-set-1024x1024Book Cover

Ebook and DVD from Claire at Fertility Massage 


CLQ Guidebook coverDoodleYourDownThere Mock Up

Books from Colette at the Cunt Loving Emporium 



Subscriptions from Saffia at Juno Magazine



Books from Veronika Robinson


DeAnna Divas Guide DeAnna Host-Manual

Ebooks from DeAnna L’am


puberty girlPuberty boydownload

Books from Jo Macdonald



Art from Jaine Rose 


Embrace The Unlovable Cover Image copy

Ebook from Amyra Mah


Goji-Berry-[DSC07389]Lemon-Balm-[DSC07356] copySage-[DSC07384] copy

Tinctures from Marissa Newell


Hannah Willow

Art from Hannah Willow


healing boxesplant based kitchen

Gifts from Grace Quantock


holly-worton-0951-web copy

Psych-K 1-2-1 Session with Holly Warton 



Gift Voucher from Hoppi at Flower Power Organics


Isadora audiobook-cover(square)(new-subtitle) Isadora DVD Isadora ebook-coverIsadora sound-meditation

Package from Isadora at Red Tent Movie


ruby cup copy JSwholekitNEW

A menstrual cup and sponge from Moon Times



A place on the Journey of Womanhood weekend with Karin Chandler


kitchen witch

Books from Rachel Patterson


Suzie Edwards

Artwork from Suzi Edwards Goose


maroon womb wrap

A maroon womb wrap from Claire Taylor at Cherishing Woman 



Health Kinesiology/Womb Healing Session with Lily Ayre



Signed book and pendant from Miranda Gray 




potters bar laughter

Laughter Yoga Session with Heike Kolwe


pixie craft

Felted Waistcoat (Age 18-24 months) from Holly Young 


Susie Ro CD Pacific WarriorSusie ro CD She & I

Workshop Place and CD Set from Susie Ro 



Incense from Heidi Wyldewood



Fertility Joy Session with Lorraine Ferrier

Welcome World tea

Herbal Tea Blends from Amanda Rayment



Self Study Writing the Womb Course from Isabel Faith Abbott



Cradle Woman sculpture by Ember Vincent 



Love or Diet book by Ani Richardson


susan merrick cycle to moon

Original artwork from Cycle to the Moon by Susan Merrick


musings on motherhood

Musings on Mothering and The Forgotten & The Fantastical from Teika Bellamy



July in the Soul Sanctuary and Hellebore Flower Essence from Jackie Stewart 


wildgenie_coverThe Woman's Quest print.indd

Wild Genie and The Women’s Quest Workbook from Alexandra Pope 



Singing Medicine Session with Tarisha



Set of 5 Soul Tree Flower Essences from Mama Baby Wise



Blessingway or Closing the Bones Ceremony from Awen Clement



Moon Time book by Lucy Pearce


Instagram filter 16 wmb blend moontimewmb blend menopausewmb blend mamawmb blend fertility

Womb Blends and a WomanSoul Self Care Session from Emma Tivey



Handcrafted Thistledown shawl from Mezzie Lucerne-Lambourne 


Melanie Sacred Womb Healing

Sacred Womb Healing Session with Melanie Swan

We hope there is something here that calls to you! Join us on the Facebook Event page to take part in the auction…there will be a week of ‘viewing’ from Friday and the auction opens on March 20th at 8pm!

See you there!

warmes wishes,

Rachael and Awen