Hold Red Tents for women & girls….DeAnna Lam’s Teleclass

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DeAnna2Dear sisters,

Are you ready to hold A RED TENT for WOMEN & GIRLS in Your Neighborhood?

I want to let you know where you can learn exactly How To DO This!

If you are loving the Red Tent Summit,
(or if you only love Red Tents 🙂
If you are Inspired to start one — but not sure HOW to BEGIN –
this is your opportunity to get a Red Tent Road Map,
with support and Guidance on how to walk the RED path…

My colleague DeAnna L’am has created
a 5-week Online Tele-Tent CLASS – (starting AFTER the summit ends)
designed to Inspire, Motivate, Inform, and Equip You
To Hold Red Tents for WOMEN & GIRLS In Your Community!

DeAnna5If you are hearing the Drum Beat
If you feel a YES in your Heart
If you are ready for A Red Tent –
where You, Your Sisters,
your Daughter or Granddaughter,
your Niece or Neighbor,
women you Love,
and Girls you help Raise –
can all be together, Monthly,
to rest and renew,
to Laugh and to Cry,
to be Quiet or Wild,
to Sing and to Dance,
to Nap or to Create –
Then Your Are READY For A RED TENT!
Click HERE to learn more about the Tele-Tent Class that begins March 17:
*** http://ow.ly/IJuw4  ***

Here are the benefits you will gain from this class:
Grow the love of your Body & Cycle, and Inspire Girls to love theirs!
Create places for you to bond with Women & Girls beyond age differences
Receive Practical Tools and Skills to hold such spaces
Receive Support and Guidance to begin now!
Become part of a Worldwide Network of Women Visionaries

DeAnna L’am is an experienced, passionate, and inspiring teacher,
and I know you will be in good hands!

The Tele-Tent Class is very focused:
it meets for 5 Sessions over the phone,
with women from all over the world!

All sessions are recorded:
so you can Listen Live — Or At Your Leisure…
Plus –
you will receive an array of BONUSES when you sign up!

If you are a Woman who is passionate about Empowering Today’s Girls
and wish to hold A Red Tent in your Community –
This class is for you!

No experience is necessary
Your vision, desire, and passion – are all that is needed…
You will be guided, supported, and provided with tools to begin
A Red Tent for WOMEN & GIRLS!

Here is the link again to the Tele-Tent Class:
*** http://ow.ly/IJuw4 ***

With excitement and love,

Rachael xxx