When you have to “work” with your cycle

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When you have to “work” with your cycle….in other words, us working women who don’t have the luxury of lots of time to spend moon gazing, journeying, dreaming with our moontime, we need to find ways to incorporate “being with our cycle” in our job in some way! Knowing your cycle and how the gifts it brings can really support you in your work….

So lets start with the basics- your cycle has four main phases- many menstrual authors, workers, advocates give each phase a different name, so I am listing a few-

Bleeding time, menstruation, moontime, time of the crone, the ‘winter time’ of your cycle- approx. days 1-6

Pre ovulation, maiden phase, the ‘spring time’ of your cycle- approx. days 7-13

Ovulation, mother phase, ‘summer time’ of your cycle- approx. days 14- 20

Premenstrual, enchantress/priestess phase, ‘autumn time’ of your cycle- approx. days 21- bleeding

Each of these phases holds gifts that you can utilise in your working environment!

Lets start with your moontime, I know, none of us want to work while we are in this phase, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a “Red Bed” day or 2? Well that’s all well and good if your bleeding falls on a free weekend! But inevitably it wont…so use this time to reflect on projects you are working on, the best advice I ever had was to “bleed on it” (thank you Alexandra Pope!), harnessing the dreaming power of your moontime can help you in being creative with projects you’re working on, getting insight, perhaps even realizing you need to just “let it go” and allowing what ever is meant to be just be without your interference!

It’s also a time to really drop in to forgiveness and letting go of resentments… a time for stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. This is NOT the time to be doing important tasks, so leave them for a week or so!


In your maiden phase (days 7-13-ish) you probably find you work best alone and really get on task and get things done, it’s a great time to begin new projects, to get organized, plan stuff, start a new course, do some research…

It’s a time when your focus is sharp so you can really give attention to the minute details of a plan or project. It’s a great time to catch up on tasks that got dropped while you were bleeding. This is the time to achieve goals and feel successful in your work!


At ovulation (days 14-20) your Mother side comes out and you work well in a team, you’re great at supporting others and giving advice. This phase is all about teaching, marketing, advertising, negotiations, using your people skills, being really productive and creating nurturing situations.,.. its all about helping and supporting others.


In your premenstrual phase (days 21- bleeding) it’s an optimum time for critical analysis, reviewing work, identifying issues and fixing them. You may find you get inspired ideas and solutions to problems. It’s the time to focus on important tasks so they don’t get taken into your bleeding time. You work well on your own and at your own speed. This time is about being creative and in control!


I hope you find this explanation of your cycle useful; I’d love to hear your feedback on how you work with your cycle!


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Huge thanks to Miranda Gray for the inspiration of this article…see her books Red Moon and The Optimized Woman.


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