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I don’t often post blogs about birth, even though I’m a doula and I have as much passion about natural birth as I do about natural menstruation…. this post brings the two together! This book has totally confirmed my sense of how important it is to bury our placentas and bleed on Mother Earth. These Aboriginal teachings from wise woman Minmia need to be shared far and wide. The rebirthing ceremony shared below from her book, I believe is an extremely important healing ceremony for all of us who had a hospital birth where our placentas were taken away and incinerated as “clinical waste” and then have spent our lives feeling lost, ‘off path’ and confused. I share this with the prayer that it will allow a healing for many, many people …

From Under the Quandong Tree by Minmia– Aboriginal Teachings

quandangtreeThe Miwi Print

Everybody on the planet has a unique fingerprint, hair print and DNA. (for the moment I will exclude identical twins as that is a separate teaching) And everyone on this planet has a unique Miwi (soul, spirit) print and this holds the coded instructions for life’s journey and our chosen journey, all billions of us. The prints are like thin films of plastic on top of the placentas. Our journey and the instructions are already written on these, they are sacred, and the one who guides us is Nungeena-tya (Mother Earth).

So when a child is born, and the placenta is buried, that Miwi print goes into Nungeena-tya. The placenta is extremely rich so it nourishes her. The earth needs nourishment as we need nourishment. Its a two way thing. It also honours the earth by placing the responsibility for the child’s journey in her. The Miwi print just lies there for 12-14 years, until that child spills seed. As it hits the earth, the seed is recognised instantly, almost as if it enters a computer data system. Nungeena-tya then goes back to wherever the Miwi print is and locks it in. She then acts to ground and guide the ‘wanai’ (child in puberty) on her journey throughout this physical life.


Things have changed in recent times, now we give birth to our babies in hospitals where often the placentas with the Miwi prints go down the rubbish chute with 4 or 5 others to be burnt, melting them together. Eventually they do go back to the earth and Nungeena-tya does take them and recognise them. However, if you take all the fingerprints, hair or DNA of different people and mix them all together and burn them, who would be able to separate all the fingerprints, hair or DNA again? No-one could.

Perhaps you know someone who has children who have divine up to 12 or 13 years old, never had a problem, they were loving and wonderful. Then they hit puberty and they went ballistic- shaving their heads etc. You can bet your bottom dollar they were born in hospital where the placentas were all burnt together because this is what happens to babies who have been born in hospitals when they hit puberty. Its the time when they should have been sent on their journey, guided by Nungeena-tya- but the Miwi prints have been melted together with the prints of the other babies born in the hospital at the same time. So instead they are confused. Nowadays you see young people living in such stressful ways, tearing in this direction and tearing in that direction, not knowing where they are going. They are really spiritually and emotionally confused and cant fulfil their journey. The have picked up someone else’s journey, and they try but they know it is not right, some even end their journeys because they cant fulfil them. Its no ones fault, its absolutely no ones fault if that happens. We all have the choice to end our journey, no matter what; the only thing is we have to come back and do it again.


Can you imagine how sad it is for someone to have spiritual Alzheimers? When the old people used to home birth even without ceremony the placenta was placed in the ground. Nungeena-tya benefitted and there were far fewer suicides. You hear a lot of old people today saying “why are the young ones so lost? We weren’t like that.” Of course they weren’t, because most likely they were born at home, their placentas were buried one by one in the garden.

Many many years ago every single culture performed a birthing ceremony. Its everything; the most vital part of one’s journey. It is the way people welcome and set you up for your growing in the world.

Italian women, Spanish women, indian women, Koori Women, women, women, women, they would birth their babies, nurse their babies and bury their placentas. So there was and is far more grounding in old people.Even today if you see babies or young children who have been home birthed and their placentas buried in the garden, you’ll notice these children are very different. They are calm and always drawing others to them. They go through normal puberty rather than spiritual lostness and usually have few problems. They might fall down, there are storms, even hail many diversions pulling them away. But when they fall down or get knocked down Nungeena-tya will anchor them and pull them back up. They will always be very, very close to their path if not right on it. These children struggle though to become good and responsible adults. However if the placenta has been burned and melted together with other placentas it doesn’t get destroyed. It still goes into the earth but because its melted together it carries the print of other Miwi prints with which it was burnt- so theres the confusion. The Miwi will have more than one map and really it cant connect to its journey. Rebirthing can repair this as can a very close spiritual connection to your guides.

Rebirthing Ceremony

To conduct a rebirthing ceremony this is what you need to do:

*You will need some blood (on tissue or cloth) maybe from a scratch, fall or knee scrape and a little bit of hair of the person if you do not have the placenta or a piece of the umbilical cord.

*Ask Nungeena-tya to give you atone that will represent the placenta and dont be surprised if you’ve got to walk for 6 months. You’ll know it without a doubt when the stone says “hello”. Thats the stone to use.

*follow your Miwi to choose the location, as close as possible to where the birth was, to conduct the ceremony

*Dig a hole in this place

*Gather leaves or natural substances appropriate for cleansing ad smoking. In Australia, if possible use sacred gum- it is the most powerful.

*take off your shoes

*Light a fire

*take a twig of gum leaves, kneel down on the earth, and tap the ground with it. Call Nungeena-tya and ask permission to do the ceremony – saying “Nungeena, Nungeena-tya this is your daughter ……..I come here to rebirth………..”

*The person conducting the ceremony and any helpers first pass themselves through the smoke to purify themselves, their intent is to take away all their negative energy so they are involved in the ceremony coming from a place of light. Saying “I see no bugeenge (bad, bad spirit), I speak no bugeenge and I hear no bugeenge” and bring the smoke towards you with your hands, tun around while the smoke is fanned towards you and say “And I do no bugeenge”.

*Then everybody participating is smoked

*The person conducting the ceremony puts the blood and hair on the stone and passes this through the smoke for cleansing and then burns the blood and hair together on the stone. The stone is placed down in the earth in to the hole already dug

*Each participant takes the trig used at the beginning of the ceremony, kneels beside the hole and makes a commitment, one she has every intention of keeping, to support this Miwi’s journey spiritually, emotionally and physically. It can be a very small commitment or even a wish, request or prayer. Once you have made the commitment, bend the twig until it snaps.

* burn the twigs on the fire so that the commitments travel on the smoke to the Rivers of Dreaming. If you don’t carry out your commitment, you are in deep trouble. When the smoke goes up you are calling on the Creator or whoever, whatever you hold most sacred, to witness the ceremony.

*Cover the earth over the stone and request Nungeena-tya accept this rebirthing and to accept the symbolic placenta and for the Miwi’s journy to start. Say “Guide, anchor and make this one a good, strong, earth connected Miwi”. Ask for the courage, compassion, wisdom and love this spirit will need.

*At the end of the ceremony hold hands, forming a circle with the person who buried the stone in the middle. Symbolically offer up this rebirthing to the creator by stepping forward and lifting your arms saying “Biami, (creator) our birthing”. Then step back and bend down to the earth, offering your birthing to Nungeena-tya and saying “Nungeena, our birthing”. Then stand erect and step to the right saying “her journey”, then step to the right again saying “her journey”. Then put your weight on the left foot saying “anchor it” and the your weight on your right saying “anchor it”- repeat 8 times.

It doesn’t matter what belief system you follow, this ceremony doesn’t conflict. Its not a threat, its just a rebirthing ceremony to your mother, no more, no less.  © Minmia

My experience of the rebirthing ceremony was very powerful- I adapted it to fit my language and my personal tastes- I used sage for smudging/smoking, and english words to replace the aboriginal ones. I conducted the ceremony with just my daughter in the woods behind where we live- so not at all close to my place of birth, but I felt it was symbolic to rebirth where I live now. I used my menstrual blood and did the ceremony whilst on my moontime as I find this time to be a very juicy time to create ceremony and magic!

A few weeks after the ceremony I had the opportunity to “reenact” my menarche, and it was then that I felt the full power of this ceremony- I experienced a “download” of information from the cosmos/mother earth/god (?) and saw the path ahead of me very clearly! I feel very blessed to be one of the few ones that although my placenta was incinerated in a hospital- something of that Miwi was with me, and I always had a strong knowing of the importance of the sacredness of my body and my blood and that somehow I had to pass that on to women.I am in complete awe at how I managed to hold on to that knowing despite so much ridicule, lack of support and general ignorance in society of the power of women…I completely believe that my years of bleeding on the earth with prayers and wishes to the Great Mother has kept me on my path.

And I pray the time has come for us all to step in to the reverence of our bodies , our blood and our births!

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