What was your favourite Moon Times product of 2014?

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I do a business review at the start of each new year- guided by Leonies Shining Biz book LD blog widget200x200I go through all my products and see which are my best sellers…and which products aren’t doing so well …. (click the image to grab yourself a copy!)

Here’s the Moon Times best sellers for 2014…

  1. Cloth Pads! Cloth pads sales more than DOUBLED in 2014 … which really makes my heart sing as these are my favourites too!
  2. Pad Sets– full pad sets have also DOUBLED in sales…women were really preferring pads to cups and sponges in 2014!
  3. Moon Sponges…last year Jam Sponges outsold the Moon Sponges but in 2014 Moon Sponges have really come in to their own!
  4. Jam Sponges are lagging behind the Moon Sponges! Still a super popular alternative menstrual product!
  5. Panty Liners coming in next, lots of women are realizing the benefits of using panty liners for those days at the start and end of our moontime and even for those few “sticky” days in the middle of your cycle!!
  6. Our Starter Set comes in next…lots of first time buyers like to try the starter set first, with a panty liner and 2 pads plus a selection of inserts it’s a perfect first step to testing out mama cloth!
  7. Our best selling NEW product- the custom made Felted WOOL pads! Women are loving these pads and although they didn’t sell too well through the summer (a bit hot maybe?!) sales peaked in Spring and again in December!
  8. The Earth Pathways Diaries- even though these are a seasonal product they are so popular they have come in at no.8!!
  9. Thirteen Moons, my compilation book of womens mysteries made it in to the top 10!
  10. Finally…some cups! They’ve come way down the list this year…so first is the Diva Cup– a firm favourite!
  11. Menarche a Journey into Womanhood is next ….I’ve actually sold less this year than last but on the plus side…Amazon sales are higher than ever before!
  12. In at 12 are the “Larger Size” Moon Sponges– these are particularly useful for women with slight prolapse and after having a few children!
  13. Moon Times Cycle Charting Book– sales of this book have actually DOUBLED since last year, I love that women are are becoming more open to the benefits of charting their cycle- whether its to help them get to grips with their own cycle and its ebbs and flows or for contraception purposes- I’m so happy that women are choosing to tune in with their cycles!
  14. Moon Charts are next- these do peak in sales around Christmas but they also sell all year round for women who want to chart their cycle with the moon. And don’t forget you get one when you buy our Cycle Charting Journal!
  15. The Lunette Cup is next…
  16. closely followed by the Ruby Cup (our only 1 size fits all cup!)
  17. next the Mooncup
  18. our new “Make Your Own Kit” makes it in to the top 20
  19. Womb Wraps– women have really taken to these super soft, comforting wraps
  20. Moon Maiden Kits– last but not least (but not last of ALL our products, that list would be WAY too long!) are our gift sets for girls just starting their moontime, these lovely kits have become more and more popular as their mums and aunties embrace their cloth pads and their cycles they are wanting to pass on the knowledge to their daughters….

What was your favourite Moon Times product this year?