Ditch The Disposables 2015!

RachadminMenstrual Health

Once again Moon Times will be joining in the #ditchthedisposables campaign this year and I’m really excited that Tamsin has come on board with me to support homeless women in the UK by providing them with menstrual cups!

This is a campaign close to my heart as I spent some time in my early 20’s being homeless with 2 young children.

The idea came after seeing this link on Facebook- For Homeless women, getting their period is one of the most difficult challenges

and although its a US article, it got a few of us thinking about the women in the UK, and what products we could offer.

Have you ever contributed to those shoe box appeals for the homeless at Christmas? have you ever thought to add a box of tampons or pack of pads? no? neither have I! This year i’ll be adding a Mooncup!


So Tamsin and I are contacting companies and asking for their support with donating cups, we’ll be linking them up with charities like Shelter, Womens Aid, the Womens Health and Equlity Consortium…to distribue them.

We already have 1 cup company willing to give 1 free cup for everyone sold during the #ditchthedisposables campaign!

If you can help, do contact Tamsin or I…we’ll keep you updated on our progress!

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