Happy New Year from Moon Times…Newsletter

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Greetings Sisters! So we find ourselves in the last few days of 2015, a sort of inbetween place.  The Solstice or Christmas excitement is done and we wait for a new year to begin.  This can be a great time of rest and stillness if you can take it, before the world winds back up again.  What intentions are you … Read More

Winter Solstice Blessings…Newsletter

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Dearest Sistars, Winter Solstice is upon us, the longest night approaches, we wonder if the light will return.  It takes deep trust to believe it will return in the face of deep darkness.  But also there is a deep peace and stillness to be found in this darkness.  A time for reflection, rebirth, the sun will return and the days … Read More

Solstice Countdown…..and Yule Giveaway! (scroll down!)

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Yule tide gift giveaway…we will be drawing it on Friday 18th …yes THIS Friday!!! So we can post it by Saturday!! To be in with a chance of winning – An Earth Pathways Calendar, Brigids Grove Goddess or Belly Wisdom figure… just tell us …what month this year did we set up the Moon Times/Love Zimbabwe project? Answers on our Facebook … Read More

Eat your way to a better period this Xmas

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It’s Xmas, and you’ve got your period, perhaps not the best of timing. But, did you realise that your Xmas menu can go a long way to making it better? First up – Xmas dinner! Vitamin B6 can make a huge difference to how your body feels during your period. It helps to relieve pre-menstrual cravings, water retention and bloating, … Read More

Circle around to solstice…Newsletter

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Dearest Sisters, So we circle around the sun once more and Winter Solstice is approaching. The winter solstice is a time to celebrate the return of the sun, give birth to our visions and name our dreams, our “solstice resolutions”, which will grow with the increasing light. The way is now open for the rebirth of our active selves and … Read More

Drumming into Hibernation….Newsletter

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Hello Beautiful Ones! Sending you bright sunshine vibes from Pembrokeshire…oh I know, it’s wet and stormy, but hey, we all need some light in our lives! So since the last newsletter I’ve sent all the donated cups to Hestia (see below), we celebrated our youngests 3rd birthday (with a wheat free-sugar free chocolate cake!) and I took part in an International … Read More

Celebrate good times…Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Sistars! How was Samhain for you? We had a powerful all night vigil with the Thirteen Moons women, we co-created a beautiful ancestor altar and stayed up all night singing and chanting, and watched the sunrise…beautiful! There are still spaces to join the Thirteen Moons Journey next year, do be in touch if it’s calling you.     … Read More

What do you mean I’m in autumn?!

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Have you over heard a friend saying “oh I’m in autumn” and wondered what the heck she means when its 30 degrees and definitely summer outside? Well it’s pretty likely she is referring to her menstrual cycle. No, really, bear with me on this one. Roughly speaking a womans menstrual cycle lasts around  four weeks and can be broken down … Read More

Gorgeous Gift Ideas at Moon Times…Newsletter

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Dearest SiStars, It’s been a glorious few days here in Pembrokeshire. On Sunday we had our Women and Girls Lodge where we explored the Nine Passages as a Life Spiral Altar that we co-created, sharing life stories as we built it up. We also had a beautiful drum journey through all the stages, which the girls (and mums) absolutely loved! … Read More

Why did I try to put the kettle in the fridge?!


Do you have times where you do random things like trying to put the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk? Asking someone to pass you the butter from the oven? Do you have trouble articulating properly, forgetting words for things or being unable to explain what you want? Are you sometimes barely able to string two words together? … Read More