Blood Magic


Have you ever used your menstrual blood in ritual and magic? Every month you have an opportunity to set intentions (many people like to sow seeds of intention with the new moon), so why not add some of your own magical blood and mix your DNA into your intentions? A few weeks ago I was in a birth workshop where we … Read More

Back to school….. Newsletter

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Autumn Greetings! The temperatures are cooling and the leaves are starting to change and for many of us its back to school week for the children.  This morning found me up early making elderberry and rosehip syrup and blackberry and apple jam, delicious support for the colder months from mother nature.   I’ve been sharing some Ask Aunt Flo posts on … Read More

The Season turns again…Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones We have returned from our family holiday at Unicorn camp and as I wade through the washing I can feel the change in the air, autumn is definitely on its way! Whilst I’m sad to see the sunshine starting to wane it does mean its harvest time for apples and blackberries, and lots of exciting happenings as … Read More

Honour the mother, Post Partum Care…..Newsletter

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Greetings Sistars! Its been a stormy weekend here in Pembrokeshire to go with the beautiful Super Moon, how has it been for you? We’re busy getting ready to head for Unicorn Dance Camp, before we go I wanted to talk to you about what Moontimes offers for new mothers. In this weeks blog post I talk about Post Partum Care … Read More

Thirteen Moons Journey (non residential) for Local Women (Pembs, Wales) with Rachael Hertogs

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Join me and a circle of women, in this 13 month long journey in the Womens Mysteries; shamanic drum making, ceremony, meditation, Jade egg practices, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, Sacred Scars*, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature, staying up to watch the sunrise, all night vigil and connecting with our ancestors…. The Thirteen Moons journey will deepen your connection … Read More

Have You Got Attitude?!….Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones! I hope this finds you well and prosperous!  I’ve just returned from a wonderful weekend with my family at the Green Gathering Festival.  A nourishing time full of ideas and fun to support our planet, I’m already making plans to attend again next year and sell my wares! This week I want to tell you about my … Read More

Post Partum Care for Mamas

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Moon Times cloth pads are the perfect gift for a new mama, who needs soft cloth against their delicate tissue after birth- and they are long, really absorbent and so comfy! Using cloth means your skin can breathe and heal efficiently and these extra long pads with their bamboo inner are ideally sized and super absorbent to give full protection- … Read More

Jam Sponges and Jam Rags- whats in a name?

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I like to think of Jam Sponges and “Jam Rags” as the menstrual equivalent of Marmite- you either love them or hate them! But the proof is in the pudding as they say, because Jam Sponges outsell Moon Sponges  and our black and red “Jam Rags” are really popular- so loads of women must love them!   Whats the difference … Read More

Lammas Tidings, DVDS and books available…Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones! We arrive into Lammas with beautiful balmy, warm weather, so appropriate for the first harvest, the grain harvest. Lammas (1st August) is ‘Loaf Mass’ and is a holy day to honour the women who created agriculture.  Grains are food, medicine and decoration and when not heavily processed are a blessing in our lives.  How are you honouring … Read More