Time to Ditch the Disposables?!… Newsletter

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Greetings Dear Ones, The weather is definitely turning on us at last, the temperatures are much cooler and you can’t help but notice that Xmas is suddenly around the corner!  Don’t forget we have a gifts section in the shop, but to be fair almost everything we sell would make a great gift for the natural woman! Our involvement in … Read More

Releasing the old, calling in the new…. Newsletter

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Greetings Sisters! Samhain is upon us!  The ending and the beginning of the Celtic year. A liminal time when the veil between the worlds is thin, we may feel our ancestors are close.  A time for releasing all your old ‘stuff’ from the year that is ending and a chance to call in something new that can germinate in the … Read More

Is your period making you skint?

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Disposable sanitary towels are a relatively modern product, first produced in 1896, they didn’t really become popular till the 1920’s, which is also when the first commercially available tampons went on sale in the US. Before that women used cloths or rags which they washed and re-used! On average a woman will use around 17,000 disposable menstrual products in her … Read More

Fabrics, do they matter?

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So what about Fabrics? Why Organic? One of the questions we get asked at Moon Times is why don’t we use fabrics such as “Minky/Minkee” and Fleece? Well fleece and minky might be soft cuddly fabrics, but did you know they are made from CHEMICALS and PLASTICS??? Minky is 100% polyester- Polyester is a “long-chain polymers chemically composed of at … Read More

A birthday treat from me to you… Newsletter

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Hello Dear Sisters Its my birthday on Tuesday! And in the tradition of bringing treats into work to share when its your birthday, my treat to you is 14% off everything (excluding sale items) in the Moon Times shop for 24 Hours Only! Get 14% off on Tues 14th October using the code: BIRTHDAY at checkout!  If not for yourself, … Read More

14 Ways to Have a Better Period

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Many women find their period painful and stressful. Here are 14 ways that you might be able to make it less so. 1) Give it a positive name – so many women still refer to it as ‘the curse’ or being ‘on the rag’, at best we talk about it in very quiet ways; ‘its that time of the month’ and … Read More

Day by day make it new…Moon Times Newsletter

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“As the sun makes it new, day by day makes it new, everyday make it new” – Ezra Pound Hello Dear Hearts As September draws to a close and the moon is waxing it is still surprisingly warm! What a beautiful autumn full of colour and sunshine.   My offerings to you this fortnight is to think about how you … Read More

Is your period making you toxic?

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“I can vividly remember the ‘periods talk’ at school when I was about 11, I was so terrified by the possibility of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) that I have never, ever used tampons” (A.C. age 35) Most women will have at least a vague awareness of the risk of TSS but it is becoming clear that it is not the … Read More

Do you dare?


Dedicated to all women who put themselves out there- out of their comfort zones…. Will you dare to walk with me today? Will you take this fork in the road that leads to the unknown? Will you dare to take that leap of faith? Look around you, you are not alone in your apprehension. Do you dare to change? To … Read More