YOU are invited to DeAnna Lams 2nd Annual Red Tent World Summit

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2nd_Annual_Summit_-_Honor_Our_Daoughters_Ourselves 2nd_Annual_Summit

~ What messages did your mother give you about being a Woman?
~ What messages are you offering your daughter, or son, about being a Woman?
~ What legacy would you like to pass-on Today’s Girls?

I am sure that answers immediately spring from the depth of your womb…

My friend and colleague, DeAnna L’am, has posed these questions to 28 luminary women leaders and invited them to inspire you with their answers!

I am honoured to be one of them,
and join DeAnna in giving a gift to women worldwide!

I invite you to RECEIVE…

DeAnna, fondly known as ‘A Womb-Visionary’,
has created one-of-a-kind offering for today’s women:

Over the entire month of February,
DeAnna will host the 2nd Annual
Red Tents In Every Neighborhood ~ Global Summit:

And You are invited to FREELY join this Red Tent Feast!
To reserve your Free place – please sign up here:

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This is an invitation to listen to Womb Wisdom,
to Honor Our Mothers, Ourselves, and Today’s Girls!

This is an invitation to get Inspired by leading visionary women
on the cutting edge of the New Consciousness Paradigm,
from U.S.A, Spain, Austria, Italy, France,
Ireland, India, Mexico, Chile, and New Zealand!

We are committed to inspiring you with words, images & gifts:

You will receive a daily link to an inspiring video that is sure to touch you to your depth…
When you sign up, you will immediately receive DeAnna’s gift: the Red Tent Activation audio recording
Each Video Presenter, including me, will offer you a special gift from her Treasure Box of womb wisdom!

The Summit runs February 1-28
and you can watch it from the comfort of your home!

You need to Sign Up Now to reserve your spot, though.

Here is how:

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~ Enjoy the Summit!

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The time has come
for Red Tents In Every Neighbourhood!

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