9 Ways to have a merry festive period…

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Given that its new moon on Monday 22nd December and just by the law of averages, around a 1/3 of women are probably going to find themselves having a period over the festive holidays.  The mere thought is probably quite stressful for some of you and you could do without it when you have loads to do and family everywhere.  Here are our top tips to help get you through and maybe enjoy your festive period….

1) Don’t hit the selection boxes!  Generally speaking there is an abundance of chocolate around at Christmas and when your stressed out and on the run its so easy to reach for some as a quick fix for energy levels and an empty tummy.  Its really normal to crave chocolate when your period is around too, probably because its craving magnesium.  The trouble is though that the combination of fat and sugar is likely to aggravate any PMS or pain issues.  If you really need a fix then go for dark chocolate, or better still go for raw chocolate which will give you the magnesium hit which will support your system rather than irritate it.


2) Watch the alcohol.  We all like a festive drink or two, and probably a little won’t hurt, just take it easy.  Alcohol is bad for you on your period for two reasons.  In larger quantities it will dehydrate you, and what you actually need is to stay hydrated to help prevent bloating and tiredness.  It also affects your estrogen and testosterone levels which will increase pain and PMS issues.

3) Go easy on the salty snacks.  Crisps and nuts at the parties or as fillers while you wait for the dinner to cook, very yummy but the salt will make you retain water and feel bloated, adding to any discomfort you might be feeling.  Nuts aren’t so bad, just go for unsalted ones!

4) Steady with the caffeine.  If you’ve got a lot to do and having a lot of late nights its very easy to reach for the coffee pot but just like alcohol it dehydrates you and raises your estrogen levels.  Go for some herbal tea instead, there are some wonderful supportive blends for when your having your period.


5) Make the most of your Christmas dinner! Vitamin B6 helps relieve pre-menstrual cravings, water retention and bloating, mood swings and tiredness. You can find B6 in turkey, fish, chicken, potatoes, nuts and eggs. Vitamin C is helpful too! Get your dose from citrus fruits, cranberry juice and brussel sprouts!

6) Keep a stash of essential oils nearby. Bergamot and Clary Sage to help even out your mood, Geranium for crabbyness, Peppermint for headaches, Grapefruit & Lemon for bloating and Lavender for relaxation.  Use in an oil burner or put in a carrier oil and ask your beloved for a Christmas massage!

7) Take a bath! A wonderful stress reliever, make time to bath rather than shower.  Try a sitz bath with a Womansoul Womb Blend.  Bathe in warm water deep enough to cover the hips and buttocks.


8) Start a new year resolution early and make the switch to re-usable menstrual health products.  Women who use cloth pads, menstrual cups or menstrual sponges report a huge reduction in PMS and pain, sometimes they find it disappears completely when they have made the switch.  There are products to suit every woman in every sort of lifestyle.

9) Try and keep your stress down! Easier said than done we know, but when your stressed out, you tense up.  Tense muscles can become painful muscles and the womb is a set of muscles.  Follow the tips above, get help and support for Christmas from friends and family and have a very, merry festive period!


(c) Awen Clement