Top Tips for a Sacred Moon Time

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Aunt Flo had an awesome time at her party on Thursday night and her friends came up with some amazing tips for how to make your moon time special, they were so good they deserve to be shared with as many women as possible…enjoy…


Have  a special, sacred bowl to bleed into during a meditation – so empowering! – Samantha

Put a dab of blood on your third eye before you go to sleep to encourage prophetic/sacred dreams – Fiona

Listen to your body! If it wants sleep, gift it with sleep. In this crazy hectic world we often feel pressured to keep going, keep doing. Sometimes just BEING is the greatest gift of self-care you can give yourself – Caroline

pour blood on garden

Return your blood to the earth (e.g. soaking water) – Feed your garden with your Flow – Emily and Fiona

Get out in nature, paint, sing with a singing bowl, go real deep into a meditation like disappear into it, give yourself over to the goddess and visualise yourself in her womb.. As long as you need, come back a better person – Keely


Add moon blood to home made incense (burned on a charcoal block) for a moon time altar – Caroline

If you ever want to make your own runes. Soak the stones in your blood first, before you draw on them. Empowers the runes. – Nikki

Clary sage oil massaged into your belly and the soles of your feet ease cramping, as does the yoga Cobra pose.
Avoid caffeine, wheat (can cause bloating) and annoying people! Also REST. Listen to your body. Switch off from electronic distractions and dream…if only for an hour. – Fiona

Carry cotton soaked in your favourite essential oils to ease discomfort or just to smell as a treat.  Buy yourself flowers, red or pink for meditation and self love. – Polly




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