Sacred Words for your Moon Time

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Three women gifted us with beautiful poetry during the Aunt Flo party on Thursday night, they need to be shared.


Darkness falling
Darkness deepening
Calling to my womb

Ancient Woman
Modern Woman
Listening to my womb

Flowing, growing, bleeding,knowing

Being in my womb

~ Caroline

bleeding priestess

Dear moon
How I’ve learnt to love you
You’ve always been there
Always consistent
Pulling me back to the power of my body
The power of the earth
The power of women
The power of me
The power to create
You’ve made me who I am today
The woman I longed to be
From the child that was scared by you
Hid from you
Hated you
You have been my greatest healer
Taught me the most
Then you gave me my son
Another beautiful gift
I love you moon

~ Keely


With that first flow you abandoned me
pushed me to one side ….not important , you said!
Such a blow.
Now down below,
I know my blood shows me fertility, beauty, sacredness and to go slow.
My blood has opened this flood
To love. To give love and to deserve love.
And now I look forward to the boon …..
Of my moon…..times

~ Samantha

With thanks to our beautiful sisters for sharing their words.  If you have words you would like to share, do join us in the Ask Aunt Flo Facebook community.