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“As the sun makes it new, day by day makes it new, everyday make it new” – Ezra Pound

Hello Dear Hearts

As September draws to a close and the moon is waxing it is still surprisingly warm! What a beautiful autumn full of colour and sunshine.


My offerings to you this fortnight is to think about how you want to track your life and your cycle in 2015.  We have some beautiful options for diaries and calendars in the shop.


Earth Pathways is an amazing diary, it is a piece of artwork all by itself.  Filled with images and words from wonderful, earth connected people.  Plus it tracks the moon and all the major festivals from the wheel of the year.  Did you know it was started in 2007 through people co-operatively buying shares, called moon shares, to help it get into production? The money was treated as a loan, in 2013 the diary made enough money from sales to cover its own costs.  Community working at its best.  If you are an artist or a writer maybe you might want to think about contributing, see the back of the diary for details.


We also have a lovely wall chart of the moon phases, a quick and easy way to keep track of where you are in the cycles and it looks pretty on your wall as well!


Now, if you were to combine either or both of these items with my Cycle Charting Journal you would be awesomely connected with your cycle and your life.  Don’t forget its not that long till Yule, perhaps ask friends or family to buy these for you as a gift, they will reap the benefits!

Over on the blog we’ve been talking about Is your Period making you Toxic? Its not an easy thought that disposable menstrual products could be doing us and the environment harm.  As ever we have loads of options for you if you feel ready to move away from those sorts of products. Think about sharing this post with your friends, this is information every woman should know.

We have some beautiful, but limited new designs in the pad shop.  Organic cloth pads, plain on top with a patterned underside.  When they’re gone they’re gone!

Don’t forget if you not sure what product to choose come and Ask Aunt Flo.  We are growing a lovely, supportive and confidential community on Facebook where you can feel safe to ask all your questions about your periods and menstrual health products.

See you in the shop soon!

Rachael xxx

PS have you seen the Bare Reality Kickstarter page? …a celebration of 100 ordinary womens breasts! 100 women bare their breasts alongside intimate, honest, courageous and moving stories about their breasts and their lives.


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