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Hello Dear Sisters

Its my birthday on Tuesday! And in the tradition of bringing treats into work to share when its your birthday, my treat to you is 14% off everything (excluding sale items) in the Moon Times shop for 24 Hours Only! Get 14% off on Tues 14th October using the code: BIRTHDAY at checkout!  If not for yourself, then don’t forget Yule is not far away!

Here are 14 things your could get with 14% off!

1) Menstrual Cups – with four different brands in the shop your spoilt for choice, check them out! Lunette, MoonCup, Diva Cup, Ruby Cup.

2) Moon Sponge – available in a trial pack, standard pack, triple pack, gift pack!

3) Wool Pads – organic, handmade to order, totally unique every time! Standard and Night Time/Post Partum pads are available.

4) Cloth Pads – loads of designs to choose from – magic mushrooms, love cats, orange roses and our new special, limited edition patterned underside

5) 13 Moons – A powerful compilation of over a decade of articles and resources for your moon time all in one book!

6) Earth Pathways – a beautiful diary full of writing and artwork to walk you through the year, fully notated with the moon phases and festivals.

7) Moon Calendar – quick look wall chart showing the phases of the moon for 2015, practical and pretty to look at!

8) Womb Wrap – give your womb a hug with a womb wrap, fleecy and warm by itself AND its got a hidden pocket to put your wheat pack or hot water bottle in – genius!

9) Wheat Packs – available in mini, large or with a rope handle, great on their own or use with our womb wraps!

10) Panty Liners – for those light times or combine with a sponge or a cup if your worried about leaks

11) Red Tent Movie DVD (with Red Tent Card set) – a fabulous documentary sharing stories from the red tent movement, watch it for yourself and share it with the women in your life…and get the Red Tent Cards to share with your sisters too! (VERY FEW IN STOCK!)

12) Moon Time Relaxation Kit – a beautiful selection of our products to help your relax and make the best of your moon time and you can choose between having a sponge or pad.

13) Pad Bag – with a pocket for your clean pads and waterproof side for your used ones, for your moon time on the go.

14) Menarche: A Journey to Womanhood – my book for young women and their mothers, to help them navigate through this pivotal rite of passage.

And on the same theme, this weeks blog post shares 14 Ways to have a better period

Happy Shopping!

Love Rachael xxx


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