14 Ways to Have a Better Period

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Many women find their period painful and stressful. Here are 14 ways that you might be able to make it less so.

1) Give it a positive name – so many women still refer to it as ‘the curse’ or being ‘on the rag’, at best we talk about it in very quiet ways; ‘its that time of the month’ and thereby keeping it hidden and negative.  Why not try calling it something more positive such as ‘moon time’ or ‘my flow’ and see if it makes a difference to how you feel about it.

2) Rest and relax – this is easier said than done, I know! But when and where you can try and rest at your moon time, even just for half an hour. Take a bath, get a massage, meditate and if at all possible go to bed and nap or get an early night! Women aren’t meant to be rushing around and roller skating when they are bleeding!

179811_179445622091784_115947191774961_345048_3692054_n3) Keep a moon time journal, have a special notebook that you only write in when you bleed.  Write about how you are feeling, what is arising or troubling you this month.  What do you need to let go of? Does any poetry or other creative words come through more easily at this time of the month?

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4) Indulge your favourite foods – its so easy to reach for the chocolate and the junk food at this time, and a little bit is ok but all the evidence shows that to much salt and processed sugar is actually disruptive to the body when its menstruating.  Think about your favourite, nourishing foods and eat those instead.  Perhaps even preparing them and freezing them in advance so you don’t have to fuss if you don’t feel like cooking.

5) Create your own personal red tent space – decorate your bedroom, have bed sheets just for your moon time, have a moon time altar.  Whatever you can think of that would make you feel peaceful and connected.

6) Circle with other women – do you have a local real time red tent or other womens circle? Spending time together is so nourishing and supportive, when women come together we make things happen! This sort of space also allows for us to be looked after a little and take time out from our lives and its demands.  If you can’t find a real life circle, join our virtual circle at Ask Aunt Flo on Facebook.

7) Buy or make some moon time jewellery – something that helps you feel special and beautiful and can also be worn as a sign to family members that its your moon time.

8) Get creative – the womb is our creative centre and our moon time can be a potent and creative time.  Write, paint, dance, sing – whatever gets your creative juices flowing.

9) Read – learn about your moon time, beyond what you were taught at home or school as a young woman.   13 Moons (available in the US here) is a massive resource full of information and ideas or Moon Time by Lucy Pearce is also wonderful.

10) Chart your cycle – understand where you are in your cycle and how it relates to the moon cycle.  When do you ovulate? When do you bleed?  This is useful for knowing when you are fertile (whether you are trying to conceive or not) but also will show you when your energetic, creative times are and also those times when you may need to be quieter and more introspective.  Get a good diary with the moon phases in to help you chart, and if your not sure how it all works then my Cycle Charting Journal is a great place to start.

11) Pamper yourself – paint your nails, get a facial or massage, a foot rub, have your hair done – whatever would be a treat and make you feel pampered.

12) Stay well hydrated and nourished – our bodies work better when we are hydrated and eating well.  If we don’t drink enough water or have any vitamin deficiencies we’re more likely to  have pain and discomfort at our moon times and its just all round good self care anyway!

13) Use warmth – the uterus is a muscle and muscles are much happier and work better when they are warm.  Have a special blanket for your moon time or how about a womb wrap, warm and fleecy and it has a pocket to put a wheat pack or hot water bottle in too!

14) Switch to re-usable mentrual products – menstrual cups, menstrual sponges and cloth pads are all a great alternative to disposable pads and tampons.  Many women say that they have had a significant reduction in pain and pms symptoms when they have made the switch.

Let us know if any of these ideas work for you, or share your ways to make your moon time better.

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