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Autumn Greetings!

The temperatures are cooling and the leaves are starting to change and for many of us its back to school week for the children.  This morning found me up early making elderberry and rosehip syrup and blackberry and apple jam, delicious support for the colder months from mother nature.


I’ve been sharing some Ask Aunt Flo posts on social media this week.  Do you have any questions that Aunt Flo could answer? Perhaps generally about self care at your moontime, or perhaps about specific products?  Drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help.

Aunt Flo is also starting up a facebook group, come and join for friendly, supportive discussion about menstrual health and alternative menstrual products.

Does the changing weather make you feel like you want to curl up somewhere cosy and read a book?  Don’t forget about the range of books available from the MoonTimes bookstore.  Give yourself the time to read and understand more about your menstrual cycle, or even about menarche so you can help your daughters.

Perhaps its time to think about changing your choice of moontime product, or trying out something new.  There are so many choices, there is something for everyone – sponge, cup or pads.  If your not sure, then get in touch for some advice.


Plans are moving along for my new Thirteen Moons Training, if your a Pembrokeshire local then circle opens in January, more information can be found here.  Be in touch to book your place, or forward this newsletter onto someone who you think might be interested.

Do scroll down and take a peek at my latest video- this time all about the importance of Red Tents and Moon Lodges!
Did you see Isadora’s (red tent movie maker) Facebook post sharing it??

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 09.14.52

Wishing you all a smooth start of term and warm autumn days.

Rachael xxx

PS. have you seen my video about why women need access to Red Tents and Moon Lodges?

Please share it so we can plant Red Tent seeds in every town!
Can you spare a few pennies towards my Red Tent dream? See my Red Tent Go Fund Me page Huge thanks to those who have donated so far, do keep sharing it on your social media! Thanks 😉

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